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Best Montreal Smoked Meat Restaurants 2016

Montreal's most famous dish.
Best Montreal Smoked Meat Restaurants 2016

Is there a dish out there that screams Montreal more than smoked meat? I don't think so. Juicy, flavourful, a little fatty - Montreal smoked meat is truly delicious, and when you douse it in mustard and pile it high on fresh slices of tasty rye bread, you've got yourself a classic Montreal delicacy on your hands, friends.

Since it is Montreal smoked meat, and we are in Montreal, you can imagine that tons of places serve up this amazing dish. And, don't get me wrong, there is no way you can have bad smoked meat in Montreal... but some places? Yeah, some places just steal the show. If you're confused as to where to begin your smoked meat dreams, then fear not. That's what I'm here for. Read on for Best Montreal Smoked Meat 2016.

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1. Lester's Deli

1057 Avenue Bernard

Okay, seriously, how great is Lester's? Located in Outremont, this spot might be a bit out of the way for some of us - but trust, it's more than worth the trek. The food at Lester's? Phenomenal. Lester's smoked meat sandwich features juicy, succulent slices of tasty smoked meat, piled onto fresh, delicious bread... so, in other words, it's happiness in a sandwich, pretty much. Get there now, friends. And thank me later.


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2. Snowdon Deli

5265 Boulevard Décarie

Oh, Snowdon Deli, how I love you so. If you've never been to this famous NDG eater, then you've been missing out. First of all, this place has been around literally forever, and has probably been well-loved for just as long. The reason is obvious: The smoked meat at this restaurant? Seriously, seriously awesome. It doesn't matter what cut you pick, either. Every single slice of smoked meat at Snowdon Deli is bursting with flavour, tender, juicy, and - quite frankly - absolutely perfect.


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3. The Main

3864 Boul St-Laurent

For me, The Main will forever be bae. Not only is their smoked meat honestly game-changing - it's perfectly cooked, juicy, tasty, and piled high in between to slices of fresh, moist bread - but they've got an extensive menu, full of delicious, meaty delights - including their Main Burger, which features a delicious slice of smoked meat. Trust me, smoked meat lovers. You're going to need to taste the smoked meat here.


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4. Reuben's

1116 Rue Ste-Catherine O

A Montreal classic, Ruebne's has been delighting Montrealers with their signature "old fashioned" smoked meat for decades. Why have they been around for so long? Well, friends, the answer is simple. The food here? Yeah. It'll blow you away. Although their tasty, tender smoked meat is the clear star of the show, the menu at Reuben's is full of delicious dishes, made with high-quality and super fresh ingredients. Meaning that no matter what you're down for, Reuben's has got you covered.


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5. Jarry Smoked Meat

6549 Rue Jarry E

This place is pretty much a staple in the East End. I've personally been coming to this spot since I was little, and I know it's been the same thing for many of my friends. The reason for its popularity, though? Their smoked meat, which is juicy, tender, flavourful, and all-around delicious - and especially awesome in a poutine. Also, bonus points for being open 24 hours. When the smoked meat crave hits, you know where to go, friends - no matter what time of day (or night) it is.


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6. Chenoy's

6200 Boulevard Taschereau

Can we talk for a minute about how awesome Chenoy's is? This classic deli has a pretty extensive menu, featuring classic deli dishes - like rib steak, chicken wings, and fish n' chips. And although their food is consistently fresh and delicious, the real star of the show? Hands down, their smoked meat. It's perfectly tender and juicy, with a nuanced, delicious flavour. And, the best part? Many of their dishes - such as their "Gaspesienne", with butterfly shrimp, souvlaki, and smoked meat - incorporates their delicious smoked meat sandwich in some way.


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7. Smoke Meat Pete

283 1st Ave

True talk, I've given Smoke Meat Pete a lot of love in the past. But, honestly, I just can't help it. This West Island spot deserves all the love. Not only is their smoked meat an actual, live work of art, with complex and delicious flavours in every single moist, juicy bite, the rest of their menu is incredibly amazing as well (sidenote: shoutout to their chicken, which will change your life). New fave smoke meat spot? Found.


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8. Le Roi Du Smoked Meat

6705 Rue St-Hubert

Real talk: This spot is fantastic. Although there's a little less hype surrounding Le Roi Du Smoked Meat, let me assure you, their smoked meat dishes - featuring thick, juicy slices of moist and tasty brisket - are among the best in the city. Protip, though? Definitely order their coleslaw as a side. Not going to lie to you guys, I'm not the biggest coleslaw fan... but the coleslaw here is, like, a whole new world of crisp, vibrant, and amazing flavours.

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9. George's

3750 Boulevard Saint-Martin O

Located in Laval, this spot might be a bit of a trek for some of us. But, friends, trust me on this one: It's more than worth the travel time. This unassuming deli is home to some of the best smoked meat in the city - it's cut thick, super juicy, succulent, bursting with flavour, and packed tight between two fresh slices of rye bread. Trust me on this one, friends. If you're a lover of smoked meat (and, let's be honest, you're definitely a lover of smoked meat), then you're going to want to get yourself here - ASAP.

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10. Schwartz's

3895 Boul St-Laurent

At this stage in the game, I'm sure everyone knows abut Schwartz's. This super famous Montreal spot is known for two things: Their insane lineups, and their insane smoked meat. If you're down to brave the lineup (and trust me, you should absolutely brave this lineup), then you'll be rewarded with thick, juicy, tender, incredibly flavourful slices of smoked meat, piled up high and stuffed inside tasty rye bread. Protip? Get the cherry cola and the pickle. It completes an already perfect smoked meat experience.


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