Best Montreal Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels

You are gonna love these lox.
Best Montreal Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels

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Bagels are a staple of Montreal food culture, and the best way to enjoy any bagel, no matter where you get it in the city, is with plenty of smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Commonly called "bagel and lox," the name is actually misnomer, as lox is cured and not smoked. Still, most lox dishes come with the smoked stuff, and we're totally fine with that, because the smoked salmon cream cheese combo is simply scrumptious.

Nearly every cafe or brunch spot in the city serves bagel and lox, or some variation of it, so it was hard to name the city's best. We went with our favourites, and as always, we'd like to hear yours too, so let us know if we missed any legit lox joints. More lox is a good thing, and this list will make sure you get plenty this weekend.

Lox is technically cured, not smoked, but call it that anyway

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St-Viateur Bagel & Café

5629 Monkland + 1127 Mont-Royal E

Like we could leave St-Viateur bagel off this list. A bagel institution in Montreal, while the flagship bakery can't get you your lox, the St-Viateur Cafés have an excellent plated version, and the bakery's food truck is always on-site at major events doling out the smoked salmon.

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Fairmount Bagel

74 Fairmount W

The city's second premiere bagel bakery, Fairmount always has your lox-fix on lock. Walk in, order a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, and you'll be devouring that luscious lox combo inside a classic Montreal bagel in no time.

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Bagel Etc

4320 St. Laurent

Arguably on of the greatest brunch spots in the city, and for good reason, because Bagel Etc. does it all: classic big breakfasts, huevos rancheros, amazing eggs benedict, and, of course, a fully decked out bagel and lox plate. Bonus points are given to the brunch resto for their amazing hot sauce selection.

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Beautys Luncheonette

93 Mont-Royal W

This classic Montreal diner has been serving their smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel since 1942, and throughout the years people keep coming back for more. There's a reason it's called "The Special."

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3616 St. Jean

West Islanders will know that while Chenoy's isn't the classiest of spots, the 24 hour diner does old school comfort food right. Case in point, their famous lox platter, which is packed with intense amount of salmon.

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Café Dépôt St. Laurent

3601 St. Laurent

Don't get in a huff that a chain-cafe made our list, we've got some solid reasons. For one, this Café Dépôt branch is right on the Main, and with their late weekend hours, it is the only option for late night lox. Second, the SSCC (smoked salmon, cream cheese) bagel is pretty legit. Third, some of our staff would take a bullet for Café Dépôt's loxwich.

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3630 St. Denis + 2055 Peel

At Universel you'll find a classic, and very filling, lox platter, dressed to the nines with red onions, tomatoes, and capers. The two brunch lunch joints also boast many other breakfast items, main courses, and best of all, alocholic beverages. Caesears and smoked salmon are a match made in drunch heaven.

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Hinnawi Bros

372 Sherbrooke

Bagels are the star of the show at Hinnawi Bros, and the resto does some pretty creative things with them, like they're Bagel Burger. Lox lovers will want to order up "L'Alaska," the Hinnawi Bros name for a smoked salmon bagel. Tons of other sweets and eats are available, along with some very good coffee.

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Le Cartet

106 McGill

One part food boutique, one part eatery, Le Cartet gives you a few options on how you wanna enjoy your lox. Grab some lox on the go and order from Le Cartet's takeout menu, or sit down and relax with the smoked salmon bagel plate, which comes with a nice assortment of sides.

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Snowdon Deli

5265 Decarie

Taking the lighter approach to lox (in comparison to many other diners) is Snowdon Deli, who go the sandwich route rather than the gigantic platter. That isn't to say their bageland lox won't fill you up just as much, 'cuz its packed with smoked salmon, as it should be.

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Cafe Orange

4011 Decarie

One of NDG's most popular brunch spots, Cafe Orange's lox platter is a staple item on the menu, and a go-to for many regulars. You'll be getting a big platter with a whole mess of salmon, so come hungry.

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888 St. Catherine

If you can somehow resist getting Rueben's smoked meat and liver sandwich (it is what god's eat for lunch) then grab their lox platter. Served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, and onions, with plenty of cream cheese, you'll be hard pressed to finish the whole thing.

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4378 Papineau

Saum-mom in the Plateau does everything smoked salmon, and while the establishement is more of a smoked salmon boutique than a resto, they still serve a mean loxwich. Using their quality smoked salmon and served on a St. Viateur bagel, Saum-mom's SSCC bagel is $7 well spent.

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425 McGill

With 1950s charm, Vallier is a French-style bistro that does a great brunch. Order up their smoked salmon bagel plate, accompanied by roasted potatoes and salad, and you'll be making the same claim.

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Terrasses Bonsecours

364 De La Commune

Boozy Brunch at Terrasse Bonsecours served up quite the great lox plate that tastes as good as it looks, with intense amounts of cream cheese to boot. Starting back up on October 26th, we can only assume the smoked salmon platter will make a return to the menu.

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Bagel Bar

Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport

Located within Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau Airport, Bagel Bar makes the list mainly for the convenience it offers travelers. Whether you're heading out or just coming in, a legit loxwich is close at hand at Bagel Bar.

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