Best Montreal Soup Dumplings

A party for your mouth.

I cannot describe to you guys how obsessed I am with dumplings. Whenever someone's like, #TreatYoSelf, I'm always like, cool, yes, where's the nearest dumpling place?

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Although I'll take dumplings any way I can get them, my absolute fave type of dumpling is the Chinese soup dumpling. Flavourful and savoury, with a good amount of steaming hot liquid inside, soup dumplings are more of an experience than anything else. And luckily for us, Montreal has a bunch of places that serve up one seriously top notch soup dumpling.

1. Sammi & Soup Dumplings

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1909 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

To be totally honest, I have a personal obsession with the dumplings here. Although a lot of us might be more familiar with other types of soup dumplings, Sammi specializes in the lesser-known (but totally awesome) xiaolongbao dumplings - a thicker, heavier, soupier dumpling than what we might be used to.

There's a special way to nosh on the dumplings at Sammi so that the flavourful, savoury liquid doesn't come squirting out at you... but even if it might be a little messy to eat, the dumplings here are seriously top notch. There's a super solid selection of xiaolongbao dumplings to choose form, as well as a bunch of tasty appetizers, meaning no matter what, you're going to leave totally satisfied and with a huge smile on your face.


2. Mai Xiang Yuan

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1929 Rue Sainte-Catherine

My favourite thing about any soup dumpling is - obviously - the soup. There's something awesome about biting into an already flavourful dumpling, only to have your mouth fill with tasty fillings and boiling hot soup.

And the dumplings at Mai Xiang Yuan are some of the juiciest around, to be honest. Not only does this restaurant happen to have incredibly yummy dumplings filled to the brim with savoury, steamy, flavourful soup, but they also have a huge selection. So you can go ahead and bring your squad; there's something for everyone here, guaranteed.

3. Qing Hua

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1676 Avenue Lincoln

Ah, Qing Hua. Arguably one of the most popular dumpling spots in the city, if you've ever been to this "Second Chinatown" location, then you know all about their super extensive menu and their fresh, flavourful soup dumplings.

But if you've never been, then allow me to break it down for you. The soup dumplings at Qing Hua somehow manage to consistently be incredibly delicious, with thick and perfectly chewy skins, fresh and flavourful fillings, and enough tasty broth to satisfy even the most veracious of appetites. Friends, if you're fans of dumplings, you know exactly where you've got to go.

4. HarBin

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4801 Boul St-Laurent

Situated in Montreal's Mile End, HarBin is the perfect spot to go to quench that dumpling thirst. Although the dumplings here are just a tad less soupy than some other places on the list, the broth in each dumpling is still delicious, and compliments the fresh meat, seafood, and/or vegetable fillings super well.

Plus, bonus points for their awesome menu. They've got a special kind of dry sausage as an appetizer, which I think is really tasty and unique, as well as kimchi and a whole bunch of options you might not find elsewhere. Its super central location makes it the perfect spot to grab lunch, too.


5. Oh Dumplings

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1050 Rue Clark

This Chinatown dumpling spot is phenomenal. First of all, they boast a super extensive menu, featuring tons of other dishes (like some really tasty crispy chicken). So, if you're down for a dumpling adventure with some tasty side dishes, you know exactly where you need to go.

But the dumplings themselves are amazing here, as well. They're cooked to absolute perfection, meaning that every single bite is consistently amazing, and all the flavours compliment each other perfectly, making for some of the tastiest dumplings you can try in the city.


6. Noodle Factory

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1018 Rue Saint-Urbain

One of my favourite things about the dumplings at Noodle Factory, in Montreal's Chinatown, is that they're served up in smaller batches and for less expensive than at many other places. Why is this so awesome? Because you can basically mix and match to your heart's content.

And, trust me, you're going to want to try basically every sort of dumpling on the menu here. Not only are the dumplings highkey tasty, but they also have a wide variety of different dumplings to choose from - like hunan dumplings, steamed shrimp dumplings, and, of course, their out of this world, soupy Chinese steamed dumplings.


7. Mei Restaurant

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1425 Rue Mackay

An incredibly authentic Chinese food restaurant located near Concordia University, Mei Restaurant serves up soupy steamed dumplings like nobody's business. They tend to specialize in a wide variety of tasty and savoury xiaolongbao style soup dumplings, which honestly just might make your whole perception of dumplings change for the better.

But if you're not feeling xiaolongbao dumplings, then no worries. Mei has a legit huge variety of food to choose from, including steamed buns, jianbing, and many more incredibly tasty dishes. Plu, its proximity to Concordia makes it pretty much the perfect place to grab a bite between classes (or to fuel your midterm studying life).


8. Soy

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5258 Boul St-Laurent

Soup dumplings on point, life on point. And the soup dumpling at Soy? Yeah. It goes without saying that they're totally, completely, and utterly on point.

The menu at this Plateau restaurant is super diverse, offering everything from General Tao Chicken to Korean BBQ Kalbi beef. Their dumplings are particularly amazing, though, with savoury broth packed into delicious, juicy, chewy morsels of dough and steamed together with a deliciously fresh and yummy pork filling.


9. Trilogie

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8521 Boul St-Laurent

Trilogie has pretty much exploded in popularity recently, and if you've ever been there, then you know exactly why. The shop itself is trendy and adorable, with minimalist undertones and an overall fun, contemporary vibe.

But much more than the venue, the food at this St-Laurent dumpling shop is out of this world. Their dumplings are always fresh and always tasty, often combining less traditional flavours for a dumpling that will literally (yes, literally) blow your mind wide open. Also, a special shoutout to their entrees, offering a solid permanent selection (their Chinese mushroom salad is especially delicious), and creative weekly specials.


10. La Maison De Mademoiselle Dumpling

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6381 Rue St-Hubert

Show of hands, who here remembers shopping at the Plaza St-Hubert when they were younger? If you never had the experience of walking down St-Hubert street and window shopping/admiring the hordes of boutiques, then I feel for you, friend. But no worries. You can do all of that and more when you go and check out La Maison De Mademoiselle Dumpling.

Beautifully located in the Plaza St-Hubert, La Maison De Mademoiselle Dumpling is relatively new, having opened up earlier this year. Their dumplings are homemade fresh, and they've got a good selection of classic, tasty options, making this a surefire spot to go and enjoy some incredible dumplings.


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