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Best Montreal Soups (That Aren't Pho)

Best Montreal Soups (That Aren't Pho)

It's freakin' cold outside. Not that you needed a reminder. And (unfortunately) the winter chills aren't going anywhere, but there is one delicious solution: soup.

A dish made in many ways, soup is the answer to your cold-woes of the season, and Montreal has plenty of soup-er (pun!) soups to choose from.

And we're not just talking about pho. Yes, the Vietnamese soup is great, but honestly, we're a little tired of pho. So how about we give pho some much needed rest and celebrate the many other soups of the city? Cool, lets go.

Rather than be boring and just list off places that specialize in soups, we thought it would be a bit more beneficial to y'all seeking some warmth to highlight some Montreal restos that make amazing soups without it being the focus of their establishment.

I mean, you already know that SoupeSoupe makes great soup, so broaden your broth-loving horizons with this list of best Montreal soups (that aren't pho, of course).

Borscht at Patati Patata

4177 Saint Laurent

The classic Eastern European soup is served every day at Patati Patata, the magical little diner on Saint Laurent and Rachel, for the incredibly affordable price of $2.50. Creamy and full of vibrant colour (not to mention flavour), Patati Patata's borscht is accompanied by garlic bread for some dipping.

And don't worry, this borscht is always served hot, so you'll definitely warm up with every spoonful.


Tortilla Soup at Le petit coin du Mexique

2474 Jean-Talon

Condensing all the magical flavours of Mexican cuisine into one bowl, Le petit coin du Mexique's hearty Tortilla Soup is packed with zesty flavours. Rounded out with a bit of crunch and creaminess, through the tortilla chip and queso fresco toppings, respectively, this soup will kick up the warmth in your life with its zesty spices and peppery heat.


Matzo Ball Soup at Hof Kelsten

4524 Saint Laurent

Few soups are quite as classically comforting as matzo (or is that "matzah"?) ball soup. While the recipe can slightly vary, it's almost always a chicken-broth base with tender matzah-meal dumplings inside, and Hof Kelsten prepares what might be the best in the city.


Clam Chowder at Comptoir 21

21 Saint Viateur W + 1117 Sainte Catherine E + 4844 Wellington

When it comes to quality fish and chips, Comptoir 21 will pop up in the minds of any Montrealer. But don't limit the eatery's mastery of seafood solely to fried fish, because Comptoir 21 makes a mean clam chowder.

Creamy, rich, and simply delicious, the clam chowder at Comptoir 21 is far from light, but when you need a respite from the cold, you don't want anything low in calories anyway.


Ramen at Yokato Yokabai

4185 Drolet

If you saw my previous feature on Yokato Yokobai, you know I can't praise the ramen at this restaurant enough. It's simply sublime, and if you're looking for a deliciously warming soup-tastic meal, this is the spot.

With everything made in-house, and a fairly simple ordering system, Yokato Yokabai makes sure you get your food promptly without skimping on quality. And again, this place has what may be the best ramen in the entire city, thus deserving a visit.


Lamb Noodle Soup at Lotus Bleu

4847 rue de Verdun

Handmade noodles, deliciously tender chunks of lamb, bok choy, and more are placed into a rich meaty broth to create Lotus Bleu's famous Lamb Noodle soup. Just remember that it's #26 on the menu and get ready to be taken to soup heaven.


French Onion Soup at Creperie Ty-Breiz

933 Rachel E

Now, if you're in need of some serious comfort, French Onion Soup is the way to go. The intense cheesiness paired with the piping hot onion-y broth that's deliciously sweet makes for a foodgasms like no other.

Just a short jump away from La Banquise, consider getting this resto's epic French Onion Soup the next time you're hankering for a comforting poutine. You won't be sorry.


Zereshk Polow at Quartier Perse

4241 Décarie

In a technical sense, Zereshk Polow may not be considered a "soup," but the argument can be made for the chicken stewed with saffron and Persian berry rice dish. And why wouldn't you? The dish, which can be found at Quartier Perse, is straight up amazing.

Sure, you might not have all the broth that you might get with a "traditional" soup, but you will be treated to an out-of-the-norm flavour experience. Of course, Quartier Perse has six other delicious stews on the menu, if you're looking for something more soupy.


Any soup at Café Santropol

3990 Saint Urbain

Offering two different soups almost every single day, it's difficult to pinpoint the best among the bunch at Café Santropol. So I'm not even going to bother, and just recommend you head to Santropol any day of the week for a magically warming soup.

Popular soup-tacular favourites at the Plateau rest0-cafe are the white borscht (made with cabbage, tomatoes, and dill instead of beets), the Mexican-style black bean soup, and the curried lentil soup topped with feta and mint.

But again, if none of these options are on the menu, don't stress. Café Santropol's soups are always on point, and they usually have a vegan offering too, for all you folks who don't partake in the consumption of animal by-products.


La Spicy Omma Soup at OMMA

177 Bernard

Sometimes the warmth from a simple soup isn't enough to revitalize your frozen innards. Case in point: the below negative twenty weather we're experiencing today (and will further down the season, for certain). That's when you need not just a hot soup, but a spicy one too.

Enter La Spicy Omma, from the Mile End Korean eatery OMMA. A spicy salmon, squid, and shrimp soup accompanied by veggies and tofu, Le Spicy Omma is nothing short of bountiful. Best of all, the flavour combination is bolstered by a kick of spicy heat.


BONUS: That can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup that's been sitting in your pantry for forever

Sometimes it's simply too cold to leave your house, like today That's when your old pal Campbell's comes to the rescue, providing you with that classic childhood chicken soup your body needs and your soul simply loves.

Sure, it's basic, but sometimes basic is the only way to go.

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