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Relaxation is the best medicine.

I'm a big believer that in life, you've got to do what makes you happy. (That's why I drink a lot... but this isn't about that).

One thing that makes me really happy is relaxing. I know, I know. Chilling makes everyone happy, right? Well, I'm kind of what you would call a professional unwinder. De-stressing is one of my (very few) specialities in life. As a result, I've also gotten really good at finding awesome spas around Montreal - and I've decided to share my findings with you guys.

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1. Spa Centrale Parc

3467 Avenue Papineau

Okay, two words: Chocolate baths. Yes, friends. You read that right.

Spa Centrale Park, located right near Park Lafontaine, is a seriously amazing way to de-stress right here in Montreal. They offer an awesome variety of expert services; you can find anything from more traditional offerings (like Swedish massages) to things that are a little bit harder to find (like relaxation baths featuring Belgian chocolate!)

Wrap this up with their incredibly serene and cozy vibe, and their super fair prices, and you've just found your new favourite spa, friends.


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2. Spa Escale Sante

4050 Rue Molson

Hey, friends, do you love to relax? Well, of course you do. That's why you're here. And if you're a true lover of all things chill, then you're going to truly fall in love with Spa Escale Sante.

Situated right in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Escale Sante is pretty much the most perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, without actually having to leave Montreal.

Featuring a hugely varied and extensive list of services, such as facials, hydromassage baths, nordic baths, hot clay massages, Reiki massages, and much, much more, it's basically a guarantee that Escale Sante's got something for everyone to enjoy.


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3. Le Bath Room

4137 Rue Saint-Denis

Ever feel like floating all of your troubles away as waves gently rock away anything and everything that might be bothering you? Don't lie, friends. You know you have.

At Le Bath Room, this is not only possible, but it also happens to be their specialty. This Plateau spa focuses exclusively on baths and massages - and does a seriously spot-on, amazing job of both. The types of massages they offer are really extensive, too (they've got Swedish, Thai, Lomi-Lomi, deep flow, and four-hands massages, just to name a handful of them), meaning that you can wrap up a life-changing floating session with a life-changing massage, too.


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4. Spa Ovarium

400 Rue Beaubien Est

Those of you who know the benefits of sensory depravation should definitely know about Spa Ovarium. Although this Rosemont spot offers traditional massages - that are amazing and done by some seriously awesome professionals - the real star of the show? Its sensory depravation flotation pods.

These things are seriously cool, friends. The inside of the pod is filled with water and salt, for maximum floatation potential, and from the minute you step inside, you're pretty much closed off from the rest of the world. This makes for one really unique and refreshing relaxation sesh; trust me when I say that when you're time is up, you feel like a totally different person.

Ovarium offers a whole bunch of unique and super relaxing features, too. Their pulsar treatment (which is basically a laser light show for your eyes) is among my all-time favourite ways to relax, hands down. All in all, if you're looking for an out of the box way to seriously de-stress, you know where to go.


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5. Strom Spa

1001 Boulevard de la Forêt

OMG. Strom Spa is pure, pure love, guys. No joke, I think the day I spent at Strom was the most relaxing day of my whole, entire life.

First of all, Strom is located on Nun's Island, and there's something really refreshing about being off-island, surrounded by calm waters and fresh air. Strom also offers tons of services to make sure that you're optimally relaxed at all times. They've got a super healthy restaurant right on the premise (that offers brunch, too!), massage and facial treatments, and an outdoor thermal bath experience that is beyond amazing.

The best part? They encourage quietness at all times, so that you know you're going to be able to really and truly escape the stressors of everyday life.


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6. Bota Bota

Vieux-Port de Montréal

Ever been to a spa on a boat? No? Well, then, you know where your next spa session is going to be.

Montreal's incredibly well-loved Bota Bota spa is located on a boat in the Old Port, which means that not only will you be placed in the expertly qualified hands of Bota Bota's staff, but you'll be overlooking some of Montreal's most beautiful sights, too. Also, straight-up, how awesome does it sound to be experiencing an incredibly fun and relaxing water circuit on the deck of a boat?

Exactly. Run there, friends, and prepare to experience the best (and most chill) time of your whole life.


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7. Skyspa

6000 Boulevard Rome, Brossard

Confession - I am literally always here. I don't know what it is that attracts me to Skyspa so much, but the obsession is really, really real.

Actually, scratch that. I'm fairly certain that I do know why I love this spot so much. Located right in the heart of Brossard's Dix 30, Skyspa is like a little slice of heaven in the middle of a super busy area. Their thermal spas are located on the rooftop, so you get to overlook the city while bubbling your troubles away in one of their awesome thermal baths; steaming your problems away in their steam room; or sweating away all of your problems in one of their multiple saunas.

Protip: Step into their chilled relaxation room for a quick nap, and experience relaxation on a whole other level of awesome.


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8. Rainspa

55 Rue Saint-Jacques

Alright, raise your hand if you've ever been to a hammam. This Moroccan take on a steam bath is one legit way to up your chill levels to infinity, and Rainspa just so happens to have one incredibly awesome hammam. For an added bonus, they offer private hammam treatments, like argan oil massages and black soap exfoliants.

Tha hammam is not the only thing that Rainspa expertly offers, though. Their algae body body wrap, for example? OMG. Honestly, one of the best ways to remain relaxed and take care of your skin. Rainspa also offers facials, mani/pedis, self-tanning treatments, and much, much more, all to ensure that you're de-stressing in the best ways possible.


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9. Nubia Spa Vert

5344 Boul St-Laurent

If you're as big a fan of the environment as you are of chilling out, then Nubia Spa Vert is for you.

Not only is Nubia dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible, but they also offer a bunch of organic treatments - such as organic body exfoliations and organic facials - just to ensure that you're getting pampered in the most healthy way possible. In addition to this, Nubia also offers sauna infrared therapy, osteopathy, and various types of massages.


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10. Espace Nomad

4650 Boul St-Laurent

Let me just start off by saying that the staff here? So, so on point. They're super professional, which is a huge plus when you're trying to relax and let the stressors of your life just melt away.

Not only that, but Espace Nomad offers a whole bunch of really awesome ways to make sure you're as chill as possibly can be. Their "mystic massage", for example, highlights the connection between the spirit and body, while their signature massage features the use of butter and spices.

Espace Nomad doesn't just offer some seriously unique and fantastic massage options, though. They've pretty much got it all, TBH, including organic body wraps, holistic care (including yoga), infratherapy, and much, much more.


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