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Best Montreal Spots To Detox From The Weekend

Reverse your bad decisions!
Best Montreal Spots To Detox From The Weekend

After countless tequila shots and dancing on tables, you most probably wake up and think - "I am not normal, why am I doing this to myself?" This is when you know you gotta start a detox. It's time to clear your mind and body from all the bad decisions you've been making all weekend long.

A detox can actually be a lot of fun, if you do it the right way and include variety. Here's a list of places where you can eat, drink, exercise and relax while you're detoxing.

1. Spa Bota Bota

Bota Bota, Montreal's floating Scandinavian spa, is the best place to just chill all day. Get a massage while you're at it.

Montreal Old Port


2. Juspur

Juice cleanse? No problem! Jus Pur has got your back. Cold pressed juices, acai bowls, energy boost shots and so many more healthy things. It's literally a paradise for health nuts.

1005 Avenue Bernard


Photo cred - Sumacrestaurant

3. Sumac Restaurant

Are you into Middle Eastern food? Of course you are. It's healthy, delicious and overall amazing. I kid you not, Sumac restaurant has the best hummus you'll ever have in your life.

3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


4. Surf Board Yoga

Surf board yoga is awesome if you think about it. You get to exercise while floating on water?!?! So freaking cool.

7770 Boulevard Lasalle


5. Spa Balnea

If you want to get away from the city, Spa Balnea is the best option to relax at. Fresh air, gorgeous scenery and full on zen mode.

319 chemin du Lac Gale


6. Mandy's

Possibly, the best salads in Montreal.Mandy's are salad game strong. You can pick a premade mix or customize your own, you're free to go crazy with your veggies! Yes, please!

Multiple locations


7. Report Fitness

Short, extreme workouts is what Report Fitness is about. If you get bored at a regular gym, try this place. A typical workout lasts only 30 minutes. Prepare for the most intense 30 minutes of your life.

2290 Avenue Union


Photo cred - Yelp

8. Ming Tao Xuan

Ming Tao Xuan is the most zen tea spot of life. They have a huge variety of teas and each one of them is presented to you in a unique serving ceremony.

451 Rue Saint Sulpice


9. Bioterre Épicerie Santé

Bioterre Épicerie Santé offers so much more than just organic food. You can find pretty much anything from environmentally friendly cosmetics to supplements and vitamins. There are also lots of other spots where you could get organic food in Montreal for really cheap. You should check them out.

201 Rue Saint Viateur O


10. Dermamode

If you're detoxing, might as well go all outand get yourself a nice facial at Dermamode. Feeling so fresh and so clean is by far the best feeling ever.

700 Rue Mansfield


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