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Best Montreal Spring Rolls

Chewy, fresh rolls of happiness.

Is there anything on this earth that hits the spot more than a tasty, fresh, flavourful spring roll? That was a rhetorical question, guys - because we all know that no, there's actually nothing on this earth quite like a crisp, yummy spring roll.

While I truly believe there's no such thing as a bad spring roll, a truly tasty spring roll will absolutely change your life. There are tons of spots that serve up these Vietnamese delights in Montreal; and while all of them serve great spring rolls, a handful of them seriously stand out from the rest.

1. Pho Lien

A photo posted by Jason (@thjasn) on

5703 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Pho Lien is often considered to be one of Montreal's topmost Vietnamese restaurants, mainly because their food is actual artwork reincarnated into little morsels of pure happiness.

They consistently serve up some incredibly solid Vietnamese delights; and although you literally can close your eyes, point to something on the menu, and still leave happy, the spring rolls here are the clear star of the show. Featuring awesome choices - like shrimp and chicken (!) - and fresh and tasty fillings, all wrapped neatly into an incredibly chewy wrapper, one bite of their spring rolls and you'll be hooked.

2. Sue

A photo posted by Ml tran (@ml_tran18) on

2660 Rue Beaubien E

TBH, I don't even know where to begin with Sandwicherie Sue. Their banh mi sandwiches are kind of the stuff of legends, mainly because they combine super fresh bread and incredibly unique fillings to come up with a sandwich that, although less traditional, will literally blow your mind.

And their spring rolls are no exception. Featuring fresh wrappers and your choice of Sue's unique fillings - like their southwest beef, beef brochettes grilled in kaffir lime leaves - a spring roll at Sue is just as tasty, if not more, than their top notch banh mi. So the next time that spring roll crave hits, you know exactly where to go.


3. Le Red Tiger

A photo posted by Juan Carlos (@mister_zelaya) on

1201 Boul de Maisonneuve E

If you're a fan of Vietnamese food, and still haven't made your way to this incredibly popular and trendy Vietnamese eatery, then you've been missing out - big time. Actually, scratch that. If you're a fan of amazing food, mindblowing drinks, and awesome vibes, then you need to get yourself here, ASAP.

Although Le Red Tiger's menu boasts a wide array of mouthwatering Vietnamese street food, their spring rolls are by far my fave thing on the list. Their vegetarian spring rolls have such a unique, fresh flavour, that it's pretty much safe to say you won't try anything like it - but for an extra unique flavour, try their Vietnamese pork sausage spring rolls. All the yums, friends. All the yums.


4. Hoai Huong

A photo posted by Where I Eat Out In Montreal (@daph_foodmtl) on

5485 Avenue Victoria

Searching for a place that serves fresh food, with a super casual ambiance and incredibly fair prices? Well, stop searching, friends. You've found Hoai Huong.

Hoai Huong has been around for quite some time now, and is fairly popular - mainly because their food is consistently amazing, their service is friendly and efficient, and their atmosphere is incredibly laid back and welcoming. Of course, IMHO, the fact that they have some of the best spring rolls in the city helps too. Seriously, guys, if you've never tried one of the fresh, soft, tasty spring rolls here, then you've been missing out. No worries, though. Get yourself to this Côte-des-Neiges eatery, and fix that ASAP.

5. Au 14

A photo posted by Au14 (@au14princearthur) on

14 Rue Prince Arthur O

Located right on Prince Arthur - in between Saint Laurent and Clark - Au 14 is literally perfectly situated, and super easy to get to from just about anywhere. Which is a good thing, because one taste of the food from this Plateau eatery, and you'll be hooked.

Although every single dish here is a huge winner, their spring rolls are particularly noteworthy. Made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, one bite of this chewy masterpiece is sure to bring a smile to your face. Combine this with their incredibly fair prices, and you've got yourself your next fave spring roll spot.


6. Pho Mymy

A photo posted by ?? E R I C A K U A N (@ekuann) on

9460 L'Acadie Boulevard

Situated in Ahuntsic, Pho Mymy might seem a little bit far for some of us. But, friends, trust me when I say that it's more than worth the travel time to taste just one spring roll from this amazing Vietnamese eatery. (Although, sidenote, you won't just want to get one. Once you try it, you'll understand the struggle of stopping yourself from devouring, like, five in a row).

They've got a super solid selection of spring rolls, first of all - including shrimp and grilled chicken - but no matter what you pick, you're going to be getting one thick, fresh, and delicious spring roll, filled with tasty meat and crisp veggies. Oh, and protip? Try the pho here, too. Trust, it will not disappoint.


7. Hà

A photo posted by Mehdi (@mehdialami) on

243 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

Those of us who have been to this Plateau Vietnamese spot know that it's super trendy, and that it offers up incredibly unique twists on traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Their spring roll, naturally, is no exception. Featuring shrimp, Montreal smoked meat, and house sauce, it's safe to say that this is super different, and one of the most original spring rolls you might taste in the city. But the flavours blend together perfectly, making as tasty as it is original, and ensuring that it won't be something you'll forget about any time soon.


8. My Canh

A photo posted by Carine G. (@carine____) on

1086 Boul St-Laurent

OMG. You guys, prepare to be actually blown away by a spring roll. I don't know what it is about the spring rolls at My Canh, but they're straight-up amazing. They pretty much melt in your mouth, into a puddle of freshness and flavour like you've never known before.

Honestly, guys, the spring rolls here are just that good. Picture a chewy and soft wrapper; tasty, fresh shrimp; and some seriously vibrant and awesome veggies, all coming together to ensure that you're getting the tastiest spring roll you've ever consumed. Are you in love yet? Well, get there, and you defs will be.


9. Pho Bac 97

A photo posted by Lexie Bugayong (@livelaughlovelex) on

1016 Boul St-Laurent

Alright, guys, let me paint you a little mental picture. Imagine biting into the chewiest, freshest spring roll you've ever had. Then imagine biting into crisp veggies, and moist, flavourful morsels of the straight-up tastiest pork around. Are you imagining?

No worries if you're not, because that magical spring roll actually does exist, right at Montreal's very own Pho Bac 97. Although this spot is known and loved for its pho soup, the spring rolls here are super fresh, super tasty, and the real star of the show. Indulge, friends.

10. Pho Tay Ho

A photo posted by Rossini Yen (@lilxiling) on

6414 Rue Saint-Denis

Oh, Pho Tay Ho, how I love you so. Not only does this spot have some of the tastiest pho soup in the city, featuring a complex and layered broth, fresh, perfectly chewy noodles, and crisp toppings, but Pho Tay Ho also has some of the best spring rolls in the city.

If you're down for a spring roll experience you won't soon forget, then try their shrimp and chicken spring roll. The filling is incredibly fresh and vibrant, and flavoured to absolute perfecion; the wrapper is incredibly fresh and chewy. Of course, all of this comes together to create one on-point spring roll, and when you combine it with their flavourful and slightly thick peanut sauce? Yeah, friends. Real tears of joy will stream down your face.


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