Best Montreal St. Patrick's Day Bars

Spreading the Irish fortune.

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The day we have all been waiting for is fast approaching. While many of us plan to simply roll with the wind on St. Patrick's day and follow the crowd, creating a solid destination plan might be slightly more useful. Sure, you'll hit up the parade, but before that, we suggest you check out some of Montreal's best bars that are going to be celebration the Irish holiday with a bang!

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McLean's Pub

1210 rue Peel

For years, McLean's has been one of our favorites! If beer's your choice of hydration for St. Patrick's Day, you definitely won't want to miss out on McLean's famous 10L towers. Join the gang on Sunday for a special Irish breakfast, followed by a live afternoon performance by The Life of Riley Band and an open mic Irish comedy night at 10pm!

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Mad Hatters

1208 Crescent Street

Mad Hatters' sole responsibility for this St. Patrick's day is to keep your livers full! From Guinness, to Jameson to Bailey's and just about anything else you can think of, Hatters' got it! They'll also be serving some kick ass Irish stew in order to semi- balance your liquid stomach.

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Ye Old Orchard Pub & Grill

20 Prince Arthur St.

No matter the day, Ye Old Orchard is always a full house, so you could probably just imagine what it might be like on St. Patrick's Day. That's right, we suggest hitting up this bar tremendously early if you expect a spot to sit! Be sure to stick around for Stuart Burroughs who will be playing at 3pm!

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Hurley's Irish Pub

1225 Crescent Street

Hurley's Irish Pub has got events going on all weekend long. On parade day, you'll want to come for breakfast starting at 8am, just so you can settle those stomachs before you dive into a day of drinks. Starting at 2pm, Solstice will be playing live on the downstairs stage, along with Squid Jigger upstairs. The two will keep the party going all the way until close.

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B1 Bar

2021 Rue Saint-Denis

In celebration of this big day, B1 Bar will be serving beer n' breakfast. $25 will get you a dark beer or an Irish coffee along with an all you can eat breakfast, that's right, all you can eat! Keep your glass by your side all day long, and get $1 off a refill of beer. Don't forget to get some delicious Irish Car Bombs which will be on special.

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1219 Rue Crescent

As always, Brutopia will be celebrating St. Patrick's day with their incredible craft beers. On Sunday, swing by and enjoy an exquisite blend of Irish, Scottish and Canadian music provided by Hadrian's Wall. The Swindlers will take the stage on Monday, all the way from Abeline, Texas.

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Gerts Bar

3480 Rue McTavish

If you're a McGill student, you definitely won't want to miss out on a chance at drinking your liver away right at your campus bar. Gerts will open its doors at 10am and invite students to hang out all day long. Warning, this night might be very similar to the debaucheries of frosh!

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McKibbin's Irish Pub

1426 Rue Bishop

McKibbin's doesn't really need a reason to be on this list. Point is, McKibbin's knows it's Irish roots better than anyone in Montreal. Celebrate this national Irish holiday by hitting up the most patriotic bar in this city.

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Next Door Pub & Grill

5175 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Next Door Pub will be celebrating this special day all the way from Friday through Monday. Pop in for happy hour from 3pm-7pm and enjoy some Irish Guinness Stew. In honor of St. Patrick's day, all the beer served will be colored green, don't worry- it's not poison! To show their festivity, Next Door Pub will also be decorating the entire space.

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Nacho Libre

913 Rue Beaubien Est

Nacho Libre's got tons of specials for some St. Patrick's day celebration. They'll be serving shooters of Jameson for $3 all night long, 2 for $10 Irish Car Bombs. Come dressed in green from head to toe, and you'll receive a free box of Lucky Charms cereal, perfect for settling your liver. Mr. Nokturn will also be spinning the most festive Irish beats.

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Sir Winston Churchill Pub

1459 Rue Crescent

Sir Winston's will be offering an all- you- can eat brunch on Sunday for $15.95 starting at 9:30am and we highly suggest you get there early. Ever dream of meeting Alexandre Despatie? He'll be there along with Breakfast Television's Joanne Vrakas for a meet n' greet. Just try not to stumble on their feet when you go in for a hand shake!

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Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

1234 Rue Bishop

This Irish Pub is going all out on Sunday. Enjoy a specialized menu featuring some incredible Irish cuisine. A few of the dishes offered include shepherd's pie, fish n' chips, Irish stew, corn beef and cabbage and deep fried mars bars! All this will be devoured alongside some good old Celtic music

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Where will you be for St. Patrick's Day?

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