Best Montreal Stores To Buy Affordable Summer Sundresses

The sunny counterpart to the LBD!
Best Montreal Stores To Buy Affordable Summer Sundresses

Photo cred - Lauren Conrad

There is a common misconception that the LBD (or the little black dress) is the ultimate piece every girl should have in their wardrobe. The “be all end all”, if you will. Now while I love the sexy lil’ black number as much as the next gal, I honestly think the piece is seasonal. Now hear me out. While the LBD can carry you through every holiday party, club event and Valentines Day date during the colder months, I feel like it falls short in the summer. You don’t want something clinging to your body in the humidity or the color to attract the sun during an afternoon BBQ. It just makes no sense. Enter the sundress. It’s light, colourful and versatile for every event you may attend during summer 2015. If your previous sundresses are feeling a bit meh, why not check out these places to spice it up.

1. Boutique Frivole

4383 Saint-Denis Rue

Frivole has everything you could ever want when it comes to a sundress. Their styles generally run shorter, but in all different colours, shapes and materials. Their look is simple and put together, and they have AMAZING prices. Like incredible. I’d go there to find a style you like and then buy it in different prints and colours. Hey, if the price is good why not stock the eff up?

2. Boutique Melow

3889 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

I think Boutique Melow is the leader in daytime dress styles. Their colours for this year (so far) are yellows and greens, which gives the whole store a fresh feel. I’d recommend these dresses for anyone who has a casual, mature, style. The shapes are super flattering and the material looks oh so soft and shiny. Who wouldn’t want to wrap their body in that?

3. Kitch n Swell

3972 Saint Laurent

If you’ve ever passed Kitch n Swell, I’m sure you stopped and stare in the window. Their store is riddled with taxidermy, antique home ware, and most importantly the pin-up style clothing. This is the place to get your sundress if you want to make a statement. The dresses are pulled straight out of a 50’s magazine. Complete with full skirts and bright fun prints, if you like to take risks with your clothes then I know you’ll die when you see these pieces.

4. Boutique Rocco

4321 rue Saint-Denis Montréal

While it may not be groundbreaking, florals for the summer never fail to please. Boutique Rocco has the on-trend dress to prepare you for that first day of Summer. I’m obsessed with the open backs and the long sleeved chiffon pieces. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate the beauty of their design.

5. Boutique 1861

3670 Boulevard Saint Laurent

Yep, I’m talking about them again, but I feel no shame because Boutique 1861 is utterly amazing. Like so amazing I salivate every time I pass the store front. Their dresses range on the higher end side of things, but I’d still vouch that they’re not over priced. You get a great sun dress for a summer wedding for under $75 easily.

6. La Gaillard

4019, rue Notre-Dame Ouest

La Gaillard is the place to suit all of your second hand dress needs. I love buying second hand because all of the pieces have their own zest and personality. I can’t describe a particular style for La Gaillard’s sundress collection because all of the pieces are so eclectic. No dress is the same or even similar to the other. Go try them out with an open mind, and you might be surprised with what you end up loving.

7. Boutique San Francisco

705 Ste-Catherine O.2 NIVEAU DE LA RUE

Whose still on the maxi dress train? Because after years of being on the runways for summer looks I still love them. Maxi dresses have the potential to look sleek and amazing on everyone if styled properly. Boutique San Francisco has their sun dress game playing STRONG thins year. And of course I am obsessed with their maxi styles. Their clothes are clean cut and have a put together and modern finish. The key element is that SF’s pieces can be styled up or down for any occasion, which is an essential factor in dress selection.

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