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Best Montreal Sushi Spots For A "Sushi Date"

Simple, 'raw' spots to impress your lover.
Best Montreal Sushi Spots For A "Sushi Date"

Sometimes, the dating game is super difficult in Montreal. You've got to find a person you like, take the time to ask them out, then brainstorm on a place to go... it's ugly out there, friends.

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But if you and bae have a mutual love for sushi, then I've got something great for you guys: a whole bunch of solutions. So, sushi loving lovers, prepare to have one aspect of your dating life taken care of. Thank me later.

If you want vegan sushi, try Sushi Momo.

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4669 Rue Saint-Denis

Vegan sushi lovers, rejoice. This spot not only has a super romantic vibe, but it also is home to some of the best 100% vegan sushi in the whole city.


If you want a beautiful meal, try Maiko Sushi

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3339 des Sources Boulevard

A super welcoming sushi spot with sushi rolls that'll blow your mind, this West Island restaurant doesn't just nail the taste, texture, and freshness of their rolls. Their presentation is on point, too; especially their sashimi "flower bouquets".


If you want an all-you-can-eat, try Takumi.

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405 Rue Sherbrooke E

One of the best all you can eat sushi spots in Montreal, this Plateau restaurant knows how to do sushi right. All their rolls are incredibly fresh and flavourful; and their desserts are out of this world awesome, too.


If you want to go all out on the romance, try Sushi 5 Saisons.

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5594 Rue Sherbrooke O

Situated in Montreal's NDG, this spot has some of the most legit romantic vibes in the city. Not only is it incredibly modern and gorgeous, but it also serves up some super tasty sushi, too!


If you want to have a low-key but exceptional meal, try Saint Sushi.

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424 Avenue Duluth E

Located right in the Plateau, this spot is low-key, intimate, and probably one of the best spots for getting to know your date. Their sushi also just happens to be among some of the best in the whole city, too.


If you want a sushi fusion experience, try Phuket.

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4673 Rue Jarry E

This St. Leonard restaurant serves up classic and fusion Thai dishes. One of their tastiest menu items is their poutine, which includes lobster, peanut butter sauce, and tempure sweet potato fries. Their sushi, however? Out of this world amazing.


If you want to try out a brand new and modern spot, try Le Ninja.

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1242 Rue Bishop

Having just opened up near Concordia University on Crescent Street, this sushi spot is awesome. It's trendy and intimate, and the food will legit blow your mind.


If you want to go to a tried and true Montreal classic, try Park.

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378 Avenue Victoria

Honestly, I feel like the best way to impress someone in the city is to take them to Park. This Montreal spot has achieved landmark status in my book, and their above and beyond amazing, high-quality sushi will leave you wanting more.


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