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Best Montreal Taco Restaurants 2016

Little envelopes of happiness.
Best Montreal Taco Restaurants 2016

Alright, picture this. You've spent a day doing things in the city with friends. You're all tired, you're all hungry, and you all know one thing: it's time for some awesome grub. Where does your mind instantly go to, friends? Because I'm betting that it goes straight to tacos, AKA the world's most perfect food.

That's right, I said it: tacos are the world's most perfect food. They're meaty, cheesy, melty, stuffed with delicious flavours and fresh vegetables and, to top it all off, they're wrapped in a shell of pure awesome. True life, just writing that out made me super hungry for tacos. Thankfully, we're in Montreal, which means that there are tons of awesome places to satisfy your taco craving. Curious? Great. Read on for Best Montreal Taco Restaurants 2016.

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1. Ceviches

152 Rue Napoléon

Ceviches is primarily known in Montreal for its delicious ceviche dishes, which are always super fresh and flavourful. But don't let that pigeonhole you, friends: Ceviches' tacos are so, so, so amazing. They offer a handful of uncomplicated taco options (shrimp, fish, chicken, or vegetarian), packed to the brim with fresh and flavourful meat and veggies, and served up in a deliciously soft shell. Delicious? Delicious.


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2. Fortune

6448 Boul St-Laurent

Alright, the tacos at Fortune? Yeah. They're not tacos. They're actually works of art wrapped in flour tortillas. These morsels of pure happiness are always fresh and bursting with flavour; you can choose from six different options, and although the beer chicken tacos are my own personal favourite (S/O to their homemade cabbage, by the way), you really can do no wrong over here. Everything is delicious, and piled high on fresh, homemade soft taco shells. Get yourself there ASAP, my friends, and thank me later.


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3. La Matraca

4607 Rue Saint-Denis

Okay, who here loves authentic tacos? I know what the answer is to this one, guys. It's everyone. Everyone here loves authentic tacos. And at La Matraca, you can feast on pretty much some of the most authentic tacos Montreal has to offer. Not only does La Matraca boast a solid variety of perfectly cooked, tasty tacos - of course, wrapped up in a delicious soft taco shell - but they also manage to hit the golden trifecta of good food, very fair prices, and awesome portions. Winning on all levels, guys. Winning on all levels.


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4. Icehouse

51 Rue Roy E

Three words, friends: jerk shrimp tacos. At this stage in the game, many Montrealers already know how awesome Icehouse is. This ultra-trendy eatery has one of the most perfect atmospheres for chilling with your friends and grabbing an awesome bite to eat; but it's not just their atmosphere that makes this place so great. It's their food. And, in particular, their super on point tacos. Not only are these tacos always fresh and delicious, but they come in a variety of ultra awesome fillings. (Like the aforementioned jerk shrimp taco, which is my life now, TBH).


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5. Mr. Azteca

7349 Rue St-Hubert

Okay, the tacos here are mind blowing. First of all, the pricing here is super fair, with four tacos going for $5 - which means that you won't feel guilty buying more. Because, trust me, you're going to be craving more the second you're done eating these little envelopes of actual happiness. These tacos are seriously fresh, with moist meat piled high into little, delicious soft taco shells, and topped with some of the most flavourful ingredients you've ever tried. Honestly, try these tacos, and prepare to be amazed.


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6. T & T Tacos And Tortas

51 Rue Rachel O

Friends, for me, the taco is in the shell. If a taco has an amazing shell, nothing else matters in my book. And at T & T, the taco shells are otherworldly. They're kind of thick, super fresh, homemade, and they add a really awesome quality to their already mouthwatering tacos. Of course, those of you who think that the star of the show is the taco's insides can rest easy, because T & T piles their tacos high with fresh vegetables and flavourful, perfectly cooked meats. Protip: believe the hype about their fish tacos. They are actually mind blowing, friends.


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7. Tacos Tijuana

5889 Rue Sherbrooke O

Quiz time: what's even better than finding a spot with delicious, fresh tacos? Finding a spot that serves up their delicious, fresh tacos in huge portions. And luckily for us, that spot is Tacos Tijuana. This NDG taco spot serves up deliciously fresh tacos, cooked to perfection and packed to the brim with the most tender meats, flavourful toppings, and crisp, fresh veggies. And the best part? Their portions are super, super fair. Don't get me wrong, you'll still want to eat more of these tacos once you're done - but that's because Tacos Tijuana's tacos are too delicious for you to stop.

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8. Cartel

101 Avenue Fairmount O

At this stage in the game, I'm pretty sure we all know about Cartel Street Food Bar. If not, you need to get yourself there - their friendly, trendy atmosphere and super fresh food seriously warrants a visit at least once in your life. And the best part? Cartel makes a seriously mean taco. First of all, their taco options are seriously awesome, with choices like avocado and plantain and fried fish. These delights are always served up fresh and flavourful - and, even better, they have a $2 Taco Tuesday special. I know, my friends. I know.


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9. Impactaco

500 Rue Bélanger

Tacos on point, life on point. And the tacos at Impactaco? Oh boy. So, so on point. Their menu boasts a good handful of taco options, including chorizo and bistek; and although you can literally do no wrong no matter what you choose, the standout has to be their pastor tacos. But if you're not a fanatic of pork, don't worry. No matter what you pick, you'll still be getting a taco that's soft, fresh, crisp, and - in a word or two - absolutely perfect.

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10. Tacos Victor

4376 Rue Notre-Dame O

This St. Henri taco shop is a literal haven for taco lovers. Seriously. Their menu boasts simple options, such as shrimp or beef tacos, and each meal is served up with fresh, quality ingredients, super tender and delicious meats, fresh and crisp veggies, and flavourful toppings. Oh, and the best part? Tacos Victor serves up their tacos with a helping of yummy french fries on top. Fans of tacos, you need to get yourselves here, ASAP.


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