Best Montreal Tartare Restaurants 2016

Let's get raw.
Best Montreal Tartare Restaurants 2016

Guys, I don't know what it is with me and raw food, but I literally can't get enough. In general, I tend to like my food cooked the least amount possible (blue rare steak and al dente pasta, holla at me), and things like sashimi and gravlax are lowkey among my top favourite foods.

Oh, and tartare. I don't know about you guys, but tartare has been my obsession for the past year or so - there's just something about the different flavours and textures all melding together to create a perfect dish that just makes me super happy. Luckily, tartare is huge in Montreal, and there are many awesome places that serve this dish up right. Need an example of where to start? Perfect. I've got you. Read on for Best Montreal Tartare Restaurants 2016.

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1. Bistro Lustucru

5159 Av du Parc

You know what? Let's just get straight to it: the tartare at Lustucru is what dreams are made of. All of their tartares are super fresh and super flavourful, and plated extremely beautifully. Plus, bonus points? Lustucru offers a menu with a bunch of unique tartare options, such as bison and duck.


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2. Marché 27

27 Rue Prince Arthur O

If you're a fan of tartare, chances (tart)are that you know all about Marché 27. And if you don't? Well, worry not. That's what I'm here for. Marché 27 specializes in tartare, but its extensive menu also ensures that there's a dish for everyone. Just how extensive is their menu? Well, we're talking 10 different types of protein - including scallop and veal - and 12 different types of tartare, like Japanese, Italian, and Spicy. Sound appetizing? You know it.


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3. Tapeo

511 Rue Villeray

Tapeo is an amazing tapas restaurant tucked away in Villeray. For those of us who are a little ways away from the borough? Trust me when I say that their tartare is more than worth the trek. Their salmon tartare is a thing of pure beauty, with fresh chunks of chewy salmon combined with the most flavourful of ingredients. And their beef tartare? Don't get me started. Seriously, tartare lovers - just get yourself there.


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4. Laloux

250 Ave des Pins E

Alright, the tartare at Laloux is basically a masterpiece. They have two different types of beef tartare to choose from, both featuring fresh ingredients and different flavours that blend super well together. But the real highlight of Laloux's tartares? The textures. Both of their tartares offer contrasting flavours - rich, creamy, crispy, tangy - that elevate the experience into something altogether amazing. All the yums? All the yums.


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5. Holder

407 Rue McGill

One bite of Holder's rich, delicious salmon tartare, and you'll be craving it for days. Actually, scratch that: you'll be craving it for literal years. That's how good it is. Their salmon delicacy features yogurt and Mujjol caviar, giving it a unique and delicious twist; but Holder also offers an equally amazing classic beef tartare dish. Meaning that whatever you're in the mood for, Holder's got you. Holder understands.


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6. Grinder

1708 Rue Notre-Dame O

No lie, Grinder's tartare will blow your mind. Although all of their tartare options feature fresh ingredients and vibrant flavours that mix together perfectly, the standout has to be their duck tartare. A dish where fresh and delicious duck comes together with lime and miso? Yeah. Count me in.


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7. L'Express

3927 Rue Saint-Denis

Two words: steak tartare. One more word: amazing. Okay, one more: L'Express. Actually, let's forget that terrible attempt at a word association game ever happened, and get straight to the point. The steak tartare at L'Express? Amazing. Perfectly seasoned, bursting with flavour, and oh-so fresh, L'Express' dish is a huge, huge win. Fans of tartare, rejoice.


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8. Quartier General

1251 Rue Gilford

Hey, friends, do you like surprises? (This is a rhetorical question, by the way, because everyone likes surprises). Well, if you do, then you'll love Quartier General. Their tartare is consistently amazing, made from super fresh ingredients that meld perfectly together to create an unforgettable tartare dish. But, the kicker? It's different every night. One day you might get to taste their salmon tartare; one day there might be deer; one day, maybe beef. But it doesn't matter, friends. Because everything is always so, so on point.


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9. Les Deux Gamins

170 Rue Prince Arthur Est

Friends, prepare to fall in love. With tartare. Les Deux Gamins offers two different tartare options - beef with fried capers, and salmon with basil and red bell peppers - and to be honest, they're both so delicious that you'll want to write a symphony. A literal symphony, all in dedication to the delicious flavours and wonderful textures that you've just experienced. Amazing? Amaizng.


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10. Jellyfish

626 Rue Marguerite d'Youville

Jellyfish is relatively new on Montreal's tartare scene, but it's already been making some pretty big waves. And for one very good reason: their food is amazing... especially the tartare. Offering both salmon and beef tartare - each with a unique and delicious mix of flavours - one taste of their delicious tartare dishes will have you crying real foodie tears. No shame, though, remember that.


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