Best Montreal Tartare Restaurants

It's about to get raw.
Best Montreal Tartare Restaurants

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Tartare is one of those foods that you’ll either love or hate, that is, if you’re not too scared to try it. Originally, in France, the name just applied to chopped or minced raw beef, but has now become a blanket term for all proteins done in this style.

Because of its French roots, there are an endless amount of tartare dishes being served throughout Montreal. The hardest part will be picking which place to go to, but luckily, we’ve got you covered.

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Marché 27

27 Prince Arthur

Opening as the first tartare bar in the world, Marché 27 has 10 different kinds of proteins to choose from. You can choose to have it done in any 1 of 12 different styles, so the options are endless. But you can’t go wrong with the Russian beef tartare, made with vodka, lime, onions, tobico, black pepper, and crispy beat.


Le Quartier Général

1251 Gilford

This BYOB Quebec cuisine bistro features a different tartare of the day on their dinner menu every night that can be anything from duck to salmon to venison. But no matter what it is, it's always delicious.


Mme Lee

151 Ontario E

Mme Lee is a super trendy, kind of hipster-y bar that has 4 kinds of tartare on their menu. All are excellent but the salmon is top notch. It's perfectly seasoned and come with delicious toasted bread to pile your tartare onto.



250 Pins E

If you're not up to making a full meal out of your tartare, Laloux has an amazing appetizer option. It's a seared Beef tartare, so it has a bit of a steak taste, with smoked crème fraîche and oat crumble with hazelnut and egg yolk for some varying textures.



3927 Saint Denis

This Parisian style bistro has a main course steak tartare that is amazingly seasoned with just a bit of a spicy kick to it. It's served up with a dijon sauce and fries and is oh so delicious.


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479 Saint-Alexis

Sitting in Old Montreal, this Quebec farm-to-table restaurant has a unique French-style bison tartare served with onions, cheese, and pickles. They also occasionally have other game meat tartares on special so make sure you keep an eye out.


Les Trois Petits Bouchons

4669 Saint-Denis

Operating as a French wine bar, Les Trois Petits Bouchons has an amazing veal tartare done Italian vitello tonnato style, so it's served up with a creamy tuna infused mayonnaise sauce.


Bistro Lustucru

5159 Parc

They have 5 different tartares on their menu to choose from, all of which are great. For something a little different, you can try their Flounder caviar tartare with cucumber, mayo, avocado, and a fried risotto cake.


Le Pois Penche

1230 Maisonneuve O

Sitting in the downtown core, Le Pois Penche has 3 different tartares on their menu, all of which are served to you with fries or salad. You can get a classic steak tartare or try the Italienne, which is made with parmesan and black truffle.


Lucille’s Oyster Bar

5626 Monkland

This Montreal surf and turf staple has 2 tartare options on their menu. You can go for the simple black Angus beef tartare, or get a little exotic with the Asian salmon tartare lettuce wraps.


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1112 Maisonneuve E

This BYOB bistro serves up a salmon tartare done two ways, one with daikon and sour cream and the other with avocado, and both are equally delicious.


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