Best Montreal Terrasses To Get Day Drunk At With Your BFF

Let the good times shine.

A while ago, I told you why day drinking is basically the best type of drinking that there is (hint: it's drinking during the day. There can be nothing better). What I neglected to tell you, though, is exactly where in Montreal you'll be able to get your day drink on.

Until now, friends. Montreal is literally full of places where you can get a little bit turnt while the sun's still out; and if you've got some best friends to do it with, all the better. There are, however, a select few establishments that hit all the marks for one seriously awesome spot to day drink.

1. Terrasse Place D’Armes

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55 Saint-Jacques Street

Love yourself some rooftop vibes? Perfect. Because then you're also going to love Terrasse Place D'Armes.

Not only is this spot gorgeously situated, so that you can overlook all of Old Montreal, but it also happens to have some incredibly tasty drinks. This classy rooftop terrasse open all day, until 3 AM, is the perfect place to come with friends and drink away your workday, well until the sun comes down.


2. Buvette Chez Simone

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4869 Av du Parc

Alright, is anyone here a wine lover? (The answer to this, of course, should be yes. Everyone here's a wine lover. Wine is life.) Well, perfect, because at Buvette Chez Simone, the name of the game is wine.

They boast a super wide range of awesome wines for you guys to pick from, and so if (when) you and your BFF decide to sample the finer things in life, you'll be more than adequately covered. Their terrasse also happens to be incredibly cute, always sunny, and highkey perfect for a day out on the town.


3. Le Sainte-Elisabeth

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1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth

I'm seriously in love with this pub. It tends to open up around mid-afternoon, so if you start day drinking right after work, then this spot's got some seriously perfect timing for you.

And other perfect things, too. Their terrasse is incredibly gorgeous, serene, and perfect for getting together with your friends to chat about life, work, or anything else you might need to catch up on. The best part? Their sangria is totally awesome, and totally bae, so you and your friends can grab a pitcher, grab a couple of glasses, and let the good times roll.


4. Bistro Chez Roger

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2316 Rue Beaubien E

This nice, bright, super sunny terrasse is one of the most amazing spots to grab a whole bunch of friends, and just decompress over a nice drink after a long day.

Of course, this Rosemont spot also deserves all the points for their beyond amazing food. Their menu features quick, delectable dishes, like nachos, hot dogs, and haddock ceviche, meaning that not only can you indulge in one of their awesome cocktails (and sangria!) on their sunny terrasse, but you can do it all while noshing on some fantastic food, too.


5. Kabinet

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92 Avenue Laurier O

During the day, Kabinet serves up some seriously tasty, legit coffee. But later on? It turns into one incredibly awesome bar.

With an incredibly awesome terrasse, of course. Cozy and unpretentious, this Russian cafe/bar is the perfect place to catch up with friends over a nice glass of wine (or some of their amazing Russian dumplings), basking in nothing but the glorious summer sun, the company of your BFFs, and just a splash of booze. Fans of day drinkers, this spot should totally be next on your list of awesome places to go and get your day drink on.


6. Les Torches

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74 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

A trendy bar in Montreal's Mile End, Les Torches offers up incredibly tasty food, a super electric and fun vibe, and some seriously awesome drink.

My fave part about this spot, though? Their terrasse. Nicely sized so that it's spacious enough to host a lot of people, but still intimate enough for you and your friends to have a conversation, this terrasse overlooks Mont Royal Avenue, placing you in the heart of all the Plateau/Mile End action. There's nothing quite like sipping on one of their mules, chilling with friends, and vibing on Mont Royal Avenue, while basking in the sunshine.


7. Terrasse St-Ambroise

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5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise

If you're down for some relaxing, chill day-drinking vibes, then Terrasse St-Ambroise. This Sud-Ouest terrasse is located right along the Lachine Canal, making for some seriously unparalleled vibes, and has a super open, spacious feel to it, so feel free to bring your friends and prepare for an awesome time.

Oh, and the best part? Terrasse St-Ambroise is right next door to Brasserie McAuslan, so you know you're drinking some super freshly brewed, prime pints. Good vibes all around, guys.


8. Dieu Du Ciel

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29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Personally, I'm not the biggest beer fan - but I will drink all the beer at Dieu Du Ciel, all the time. It's actually that amazing.

Of course, Dieu Du Ciel is an incredibly popular Montreal "brouepub", serving up high quality and amazingly tasty beers. The drinks here aren't the only amazing thing, though: in the summer, when the terrasse is out, this spot becomes one incredibly awesome day hangout. Oh, and bonus points for opening at 1:00 PM, during the weekend. Drink up, friends. Drink up.


9. Terrasse Sur L'Auberge

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97 Rue de la Commune Est

Alright, weekend plan suggestion: spend the morning touring Old Montreal, and then get yourself to a rooftop terrasse for under-the-sun drinks with friends that might just literally blow your mind. Does this sound like fun? Well, it can totally be a reality, thanks to Terrasse Sur L'Auberge.

This spot offers seriously gorgeous views of Old Montreal, too, meaning that you can grab some day sangria with friends while admiring our incredibly beautiful city. Sound like a perfect way to spend a summer day? You know it does.


10. Bar Plan B

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327 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Hey, friend, what are you right doing after work? Chilling? Going home? Nope. Well, I mean, maybe, but what you should be doing is getting you and your BFF to the Plateau's Plan B Bar, ASAP.

Not only does this super popular spot offer up a terrasse with a vibrant, fun-yet-chill atmosphere, but the drinks here are actually amazing. Legit all of their signature cocktails are super tasty, but if you want my advice? Go for the Plan B, with gin, Campari, orange juice, lime, mint, and more. (Also, the sangria here is top notch, so don't be scared to get a whole pitcher and split it with your friends.)


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