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Best Montreal Thai Restaurants 2015

Get Thai'd up.
Best Montreal Thai Restaurants 2015

Few cuisines are as flavourful, vibrant, and comforting as Thai food. For most Montrealers, Thai cuisine begins at Thai Express, and while we love their fast-and-delicious dishes, there are other worthwhile spots to check out too.

Montreal is home to more than a few authentic Thai eateries, each of which stand out because of a particularly amazing dish, or because the restaurant is simply amazing.

For a lesson on the best Thai food to be found in Montreal, simply keep reading, and be sure to Thai one out sometime. (...sorry, I couldn't resist)

Restaurant Phuket

4673 Jarry E

Part sushi-spot, part BYOB, part Thai restaurant, all delicious. A veritable triple-threat Thai restaurant, Phuket has become known as the go-to spot in Saint Leonard for good reason. Phuket's duck curry is renowned for it's tastiness, but don't discount special sushi menu items like "Le Fraisier de la Mer" pictured above, which features five kinds of seafood rolled together with avocado and strawberries.

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Restaurant Thaïlande

88 Bernard W

A staple in the Mile End culinary scene, Restaurant Thaïlande is a very well rounded Thai restaurant with a wide selection of dishes. While some complain their fried dishes are a tad too greasy (is that even a thing?), Restaurant Thaïlande is known to craft some of the best curries around, and the seafood hotpot (pictured) deserves a shout out too. Try out a selection of items with the resto's Table d'hote menu, just be sure to get the chicken satay.

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Restaurant Phayathai

1235 Guy

Don't be turned away by Phayathai's modest interior, this restaurant is the real deal when it comes to delicious Thai food. Doling out amazing Thai flavours at lower price than "high-end" restaurants, Phayathai has some of the best Pad Thai and green curry in the city, along with an assortment of more esoteric (but no less tasty) dishes. There is a sister-restaurant on Laurier (107 Laurier W, to be exact) but nothing beats the original.

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Restaurant Thai Sep

1900 Jean-Talon E

Small in size, but definitely not in flavour, Thai Sep is a family-run affair that has become one of Parc-Ex's crown jewels of Thai food. Defined as a "Thai-Lao" restaurant, Thai Sep's menu keeps it fairly simple in terms of available dishes, all of which are large enough to feed a fairly hungry person. Be sure to head to Thai Sep on Tuesdays when you're with a friend/SO, though, as you can get 50% off your second dish.

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Restaurant Talay Thai

5697 De La Cote-Des-Neiges

Some may call Talay Thai a hole-in-the-wall, but that's not really an insult when you're looking for delicious Thai delicacies. This Cote-Des-Neiges eatery serves amazing fresh spring rolls, Pad Thai, and some very unique curries.

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Bangkok Express

5645 Monkland

When you want Thai food in Monkland Village, you go to Bangkok Express, it's really that simple. Not only is their menu huge, it's also crazy tasty, and the restaurant specializes in to-go orders, meaning you can have all the magical Thai-flavours you love right at home. Bangkok Thai even has a discount on online orders, making Thai-at-home even better.

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Chak Wow

Little Italy & Mile End

Anyone living in the Little Italy-Mile End area is incredibly lucky, mainly because that's the designated order-area of Chak Wow, a Thai delivery service that is truly something to behold. Chak Wow always changes up their menu, meaning every week is a new flavour experience (e.g. last week's pumpkin and beef curry), but rest assured they always have a delicious curry or rice dish to choose from. You also can't beat the affordable $10/dish pricing on the menu.

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4219 Notre-Dame W

Despite serving a wide array of delectable Thai dishes, if you're heading to Mak Mak in Saint-Henri, you need to order a soup. Praised as some of the best in the city, MakMak's Thai soups will definitely wow your taste buds, and plus there are plenty to choose from on the menu. Not to be ignored is MakMak's stirfry dishes either.

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Aux Cinq Parfums

9732 Rue Birnam

For those of you who want to be a little classy when dining on Thai food, Aux Cinq Parfums is for you. Titled as an "Asian fusion" restaurant, you'll be able to find a blend of cuisines on Aux Cinq Parfums's menu, though there's a strong Thai-presence you'll be pleased to see, and eat.

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Galanga Bistro Thaï

1231 Avenue Lajoie

In all honesty, there is very little Galanga doesn't do well, meaning it's one of the very best bets when you're looking for a quality Thai meal no matter what you order. Vegetarians will be pleased to hear you can substitute meat on just about any item on the menu, which isn't very extensive but will satisfy your Thai-hunger guaranteed.

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Restaurant Tuk Tuk

5619-A Chemin De La Côte-Des-Neiges

A fusion of Cambodian and Thai cuisines, Tuk Tuk boasts a large menu featuring certain specialties you won't find elsewhere, like their many original stir-fry dishes. What you'll really feel in the restaurant is the heart and soul put into every dish, ensuring a delicious Thai meal every time. Tuk Tuk also has a wider dessert menu than most Thai-restos, making it a good choice for all y'all with a sweet tooth.

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Pamika Brasserie Thai

901 Sherbrooke E

As great as the terrasse at Pamika is during the summer, the food is good enough to get you to come back during the colder months. While the small seating space can limit the size of your party, the intimate atmosphere (you can literally see the chef cooking) is totally worth it. Authentic, delicious, and best of all, plenty of drinks to be had, all of which make Pamika a great Thai option.

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4088 Saint-Denis

Any vegan/vegetarian reading doesn't need a reminder how amazing ChuChai is, and even though every dish features zero meat, that doesn't mean all the carnivores here won't enjoy (quite literally) everything. Sure, it's a little pricier than most places, but the flavours you'll experience are wondrous. You'll no-doubt be saying to your table "there's no way there's no meat in this."

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Cuisine Bangkok

1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine W

Forget about the sit-down version of Cuisine Bangkok down the street, the original Faubourg food court version is way better. My personal favourite Thai joint in the entire city, Cuisine Bangkok's Pad Thai is something to behold, and the rest of the menu holds up too. Affordable and delicious, Cuisine Bangkok usually has a featured special on the menu too, making every visit a new flavour experience.

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