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Best Montreal Thai Restaurants

Get all Thai'd up.
Best Montreal Thai Restaurants

Photo Cred - ysyphotos

The multi-cultural mix that is Montreal means we have an abundance of different ethnic foods, and luckily for all you lovers of Asian cuisine, that means plenty of Thai restaurants. Thai food not only smells and tastes great, but it also looks amazing and is a delicious mix of multiple flavours, all in one dish.

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4088 Saint-Denis

For all you non-meat eaters out there, this place is vegetarian and vegan friendly. They use mock meat that is so delicious it just might have you preferring it to the real thing. The crispy duck is shockingly good, but if you’re not up for trying fake meat, the green curry vegetables are an excellent option.


La Saigonaise

5711 La Côte-de-Neiges

This Thai and Vietnamese restaurant is a hidden gem in Cote-des-Neiges. They give you big portions and their spring rolls and Tonkinese soup are not to be missed.



107 Laurier O.

This cozy restaurant has been operating on Laurier for the last 10 years, and for good reason. Their Pho Taek soup is amazing and has plenty of seafood in it. But be warned: it can get pretty busy at night so make sure you go early.


Photo Cred - Pamika Brasserie Thai

Pamika Brasserie

901 Sherbrooke E.

Pamika is a Thai restaurant that prides themselves on using fresh, authentic products. It’s a family operated joint and doesn’t have a huge menu, but everything on it is great. If you want something with a little extra spice, try out their chilli and lime pork.


Galanga Bistro Thai

1231 Lajoie

Located in Outremont, Galanga is very vegetarian friendly, with substitutes available for many of the menu’s items that contain meat. True to their name, the use galanga in most of their dishes, and their soup is a must try. They also have a take out option for those who don’t feel like dining in.


Restaurant Thailande

88 Bernard O.

If you want to experience Thai food in a traditional setting, Restaurant Thailande is the place to go. They have cushion seating on floor, and menu is even in thai (with french/english translations). The 3 item appetizer is a great option is you want to try out a few things - it comes with wontons with peanut sauce, spring roll and chicken satay. For something a bit more substantial, go for the Pad Prik Khing: ginger, beans and chicken sautéed in a spicy sauce with rice.


Pick Thai

5221 Maisonneuve O.

Located right by Vendome metro, this Thai restaurant has an awesome atmosphere and even better food. Their house specialty is chicken panaeng (coconut chicken and steamed vegetables, served with rice). Bonus: They will happily accommodate gluten-free needs, if you need that kind of thing.


Cuisine Bangkok

1616 St. Catherine O.

Don’t let the fact that this is a fast-food, counter service restaurant in the Faubourg food court fool you. The food is amazing and it's perfect if you need something to go. The Pad Thai is unreal, but be careful because the food can get pretty spicy, so if you can’t take the heat, don’t ask for more than a medium.


Photo Cred - Bistro Sawadika

Bistro Sawadika

1800 Côte-Vertu

Bistro Sawadika is a bring your own wine restaurant with a tasting menu boasting more than 60 options. You can’t go wrong with the peanut butter dumplings, or the chicken with basil and lemongrass.


Tuk Tuk

5619 Côte-des-Neiges

Another bring your own wine restaurant, Tuk Tuk has a mix of Thai and Cambodian food. Their mango salad with shrimp and fried garlic is amazing, but if you’re looking for something a little heartier, the Bay Chai Tuk-Tuk (shrimp and chicken friend rice) is excellent.


Talay Thai

5697 Côte-des-Neiges

Tally Thai is a small restaurant with all of the standard Thai dishes that you could want. The Tom Yum soup is super tasty, and if you want something a bit sweeter to finish off your meal, their tapioca pudding is a must have.


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