Best Montreal Thrift Shops

Where to get the trendiest clothes for super cheap.
Best Montreal Thrift Shops

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Montreal’s vintage scene is hip and happening. With all the hipsters biking around town it really is hard to dress in a cool and different way. But don’t you worry, we have a list of the top vintage stores in Montreal that are sure to have to you looking unique as ever.

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Eva B

2015 St. Laurent

Eva B. definitely knows what’s up. Combining a boutique & clothing store, costume floor, bar, and a stage, they have just about covered everything. This place may be the hipster’s holy grail, combining all things cool and hip into one space. They even have a $1 section, where yes, everything is one dollar! You surely wont be leaving empty handed, how could you resist such great deals.

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3966 St. Laurent

Offering everything from record players to recycled fur, and vintage clothing items from the 1950s, Cul- de- sac is an adorable friendly store that is located, conveniently, right on Saint-Laurent. Their products are unique and extremely versatile.

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Annex Vintage

56 St. Viateur W

Annex Vintage is one of Montreal's coolest Mile End shops. Their clothing items are both 90s and classic vintage, making it super easy to find the perfect style of vintage clothing and accessory you need. The best part is that all their items are one of a kind, so it’s guaranteed that the hipster next door doesn’t have the same leather bag.

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Fripe Fabrique

388 Saint Zotique

The perfect store for the vintage lover, La Friperie has such an enormous collection of vintage clothing, accessories, and items that you won't believe your eyes. They even offer workshops on how to access, recycle, and repair clothing

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Kitsch’n Swell & Rokokonut

3968 St. Laurent

The two stores are side by side and now under the same management. If any and all things retro are for you, look no further than these two stores. Upon stepping in you are transported to a world with a sort of Elvis-meets-pinup-girl feel. They have everything vintage from decorations, clothing, and accessories. The authentic pieces are sure to spark some creativity and inspiration, and the space is truly something else!

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Lost & found

5319 Parc

Fair prices and rare items; lost & found is definitely like stepping right into a time machine. Their items may be used but they are delicately washed and inspected in order to deliver their customers the best quality merchandise. And they ship all their items locally, so don’t worry if you can’t carry all your hip new purchases at the same time, Lost & found has got you covered.

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Les Folles Alliées

365 Mont Royal E

You can find this retro-vintage clothing store in the lower plateau. After over 15 years of business, they have mastered the art of vintage, 90s clothing and is a favorite among many vintage shoppers. And the stores decorations are ridiculously cute.

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859 Rachel E

With pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s, this high-end antique clothing store is just what the vintage loving woman needs. Brand names like Chanel and Calvin Klein, unique jewelry, and even adorable hats, Leora has everything you could imagine at in perfect condition. We even love their colorfully patterned boxes piled up in the store, perfect for storage and decoration.

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Empire Exchange

51 Bernard W

Offering pieces sold by other pieces sold by vintage lovers, Empire Exchange offers cool vintage pieces at affordable prices. The store offers a wide selection for both men and woman and is extremely organized- very rare for a vintage store!

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Citizens Vintage

5330 St. Laurent

Their pieces come in a variety of sizes, which is not very common for vintage stores and at prices that are fair and affordable. You can avoid sifting through endless pieces and easily find something chic with the help of their super friendly staff.

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