Best Montreal Tiramisu

The dessert that brings joy to your mouth.
Best Montreal Tiramisu

As a half Italian girl, I wouldn't be doing my ancestors proud if I didn't proclaim my deep, enduring love for Tiramisu. No disrespect, but if you have yet to experience a good slice of Tiramisu, you are missing out from one of the most pure joys we have in this life.

So, just as a refresher, here's what it is: Italian "lady finger" cookies dipped in coffee, layered with a creamy mascarpone cheese mixture, and flavoured with tons of rich cocoa. Those are the staple ingredients, but the dessert has evolved in many ways over time. A popular adaptation is the use of Amaretto or other alcohols as an ingredient; yet another reason this cake is so widely loved.

As a city with tons of Italian-Canadians, Montreal seriously delivers on the Tiramisu front. From bakeries, to restaurants, to cafes, this city has some of the most authentic, inventive, and incredibly delicious Tiramisu you can get. Whether you're new to this Italian treasure, or a long-time Tiramisu enthusiast, these places have a slice to satisfy everyone.


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277 Rue Dante

I don't even know where to start with this classic Italian bakery. It's an institution. It's iconic. It's a paradise of sweets and Italian delights like you've never imagined. And of course, they have the Tiramisu of your dreams.

Alati-Caserta is famous for its cannoli, and rightfully so, because they are truly something heavenly. But if you do cannoli to perfection, then you certainly do Tiramisu justice as well; and they do, believe me. You'll likely want to visit this bakery many, many times - but if you're on a mission for the most delicious, authentic Tiramisu Montreal has to offer, look no further.


Da Emma

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777 Rue de la Commune O

As one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Montreal, you know Da Emma does their Tiramisu the right way. After an authentic meal in a fancy, upscale ambiance, there is no better way to end the night than with a slice of Tiramisu.

Located in the Old Port, you probably won't go to Da Emma just to try the Tiramisu, but the overall dining experience is the real draw. When you get the chance to eat at this beloved Italian place, make sure to top off your meal with some Tiramisu.


Patisserie Tillemont

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1812 Rue Tillemont

Where do I even start with Tillemont? Not only do they have tons of incredible, freshly baked desserts (think cannoli and zeppole) available at the counter, but they do some truly amazing cakes for weddings, parties and all sorts of events.

Since they specialize in cakes and Italian pastries, the Tiramisu here is, of course, to die for. Order a big one for a birthday party, or stroll into the shop and grab your own personal piece from behind the counter. A winning choice for all occasions.


Rotisserie Italienne

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1933 Rue Sainte-Catherine

A long-time favourite for students - which is your first indicator that this is a good, relatively cheap spot - Rotisserie Italienne serves basic Italian dishes, including the ever-loved Tiramisu.

It's a popular menu item here, and although it's not as artfully crafted or extravagant as some others on this list, it's a yummy, classic Tiramisu. No frills, no problem.


Delices Lafrenaie

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Do you guys see this photo? Have you taken in the glory yet? Seriously, cheesecake and Tiramisu, mixed together in this rolled-up pocket of flavourful dreams? Thank you, Delices Lafrenaie for bringing this into our lives.

This patisserie shop has locations all throughout Montreal, and their creative cakes and other desserts are adored by many. People also rave about their Tiramisu log for the holidays, so keep that in mind for your next special event. For a more out-there Tiramisu experience, try Delices Lafrenaie for a fresh take on this old classic.


Cafe M

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24 Ave des Pins E

What goes together better than some Tiramisu and a nice espresso or latte? Little else. And with a dessert that's already made with coffee, you can't go wrong with a little extra caffeine on the side.

This heavenly combination is exactly what you'll get at Cafe M, a friendly little spot in the Plateau that serves up some great signature salads, sandwiches, and other dishes at great prices. The Tiramisu is a dessert favourite, so if you need a serious pick-me-up (the English translation of what Tiramisu actually means), cozy up with a latte and you're set.


Dolcetto & Co

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151 Rue Saint Paul O

White chocolate and orange Tiramisu? Yes, please, thank you, we all need this in our lives. If you get the chance to dine at Dolcetto & Co, a comfortable, fun Italian place in the Old Port, you simply must try this Tiramisu.

Dolcetto & Co's version of this dessert strays just enough from the original recipe to be exciting and fresh, without sacrificing the traditional flavours. The overall ambiance of this restaurant is really enjoyable, and it's bound to make for a great night out.


La Cornetteria

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As the name suggests, this bakery is famed for its production of the ever-popular Cronut, which is a cross between a donut and a croissant. But despite all the rage over these trendy desserts, La Cornetteria makes Tiramisu as well, and it is damn good.

You know a bakery with lineups out the door will do the classics right, and they certainly do Tiramisu justice. So, if you're on your way here for a Cronut, but you're a Tiramisu fan at heart, La Cornetteria won't disappoint.



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Any place that serves authentic Italian pizza is sure to craft tasty, authentic Tiramisu, and that's exactly what Bevo does.

Plus, the Tiramisu at Bevo is made with Amaretto, so you know it's going to be a good time regardless. After treating yourself to some incredible handmade pizza, the Tiramisu is the perfect way to round out your traditional Italian evening.



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17 Notre-Dame St W

This chic restaurant has been widely acclaimed as some of the best Italian food in Montreal. And although there are tons of competitors, Quattro consistently ranks in the top-5 best Italian spots in the city, so really, you're dealing with the best of the best here.

And of course, all the greatness carries through to the traditional Tiramisu crafted with love in Quattro's kitchen. For an evening of fine dining, there really is no finer dessert than this Tiramisu, presented with authenticity and packing tons of rich flavours. With incredible Italian fare overall, Quattro's Tiramisu is an instant hit.


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