Best Montreal Vegan Pizzas 2016

A healthy way to enjoy your fave.
Best Montreal Vegan Pizzas 2016

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking: Isn't vegan pizza just pizza without cheese and meat (and maybe sauce, depending on whether or not the sauce has meat in it)? Well, no. No it's not. Vegan pizza is pretty much a form of art. You've got to create a complex and delicious balance of flavours, preserve the natural pizza taste, and create a delicious product that vegans and non-vegans alike will adore. Doesn't sound so easy, does it?

Thankfully, in Montreal, we're pretty awesome at taking even the most impossible culinary feats to brand new heights. Case in point: Vegan pizzas. There are a few spots in Montreal that take this delicious vegan dish to a whole other level - and if you don't believe me? Well, friends, prepare to believe. Read on for Best Montreal Vegan Pizzas 2016.

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1. Resto Vego

1204 Avenue McGill College; 1720 Rue Saint-Denis

Okay, first of all, S/O to Resto Vego for both offering a vegetarian buffet, and for having delicious vegan pizza options offered on a yummy, chewy bed of naan bread. Resto Vego offers both vegetarian and vegan pizzas; their vegan options include grilled red pepper pesto with vegan cheese, and a soy, fennel, and tomato sauce option. Sound delicious? You know it does.


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2. Vegan Rapide

6206 Rue Sherbrooke O

This NDG vegan restaurant is pretty much a haven for fans of vegan pizza. Seriously. They've got a bunch of delicious options for you to choose from - including their "Etoile" pizza with vegan pepperoni, mushrooms, and hot peppers, to name a few. All pizzas are nut-free; some are soy-free; and you can get gluten free crust if you want to, which means that those of us who suffer from food allergies are covered, too. And since this is Vegan Rapide, you pretty much know you're in for one seriously delicious time.


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3. Invitation V

254 Rue Bernard O

Honestly, all I can say about the pizza at Invitation V is this: Yum. Their organic vegetable pizza is seriously amazing, with fresh, crunchy, perfectly cooked dough, extremely crisp and fresh veggies, and flavourful, delicious sauce. The fact that they add a scrumptious layer of melty, delicious vegan cheese to their already awesome pizza? Yeah. That's pretty much perfection, friends.


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