Best Montreal Vegan Restaurants 2016

Eat well, be well.
Best Montreal Vegan Restaurants 2016

Ah, vegan food. Some people eat it as a lifestyle; some people eat it to stay healthy; some people just lowkey enjoy it. Whatever the case, can we all just agree that vegan food is awesome? It takes a lot of innovation and talent to be able to create vegan dishes that taste great and are great for you.

Thankfully, Montreal has a whole lot of talent - and a whole lot of awesome vegan restaurants. Don't believe me? Well, friends, prepare to believe. Read on for Best Montreal Vegan Food Restaurants 2016.

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1. Aux Vivres

4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

If you're a vegan in Montreal and don't know about Aux Vivres, I'm sorry to say that you've been missing out. Big time. This Plateau eatery not only creates fresh and innovative meals for vegan Montrealers - like their super popular Dragon Bowl, or their beyond delicious Latke Burger - but also features desserts, energy balls, smoothies, juices, and much more. All in all? You need to get yourself there, ASAP.


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2. Vegan Rapide

6206 Rue Sherbrooke O

This NDG spot has already been given some love for its awesome vegan pizza, but honestly, this Montreal vegan restaurant deserves infinite shout-outs. The food here is delicious: Consistently fresh and tasty, and with innovative dishes like their vegan pizza, Vegan Rapide is one big, huge win of an eatery.


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3. Invitation V

254 Rue Bernard O

Okay, two words for you: Vegan brunch. Not only does Invitation V offer some of the most delicious and fresh vegan food in the city, but they also happen to offer a weekend vegan brunch option, which means that you and your vegan dining guests can feast on Invitation V's delicious meals twice in one day. (And, trust, one bit of their food, and you'll understand that eating here twice a day just isn't enough to satisfy the craving.)


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4. Sushi MoMo

8 Avenue Duluth E

Vegan sushi, anyone? Sushi MoMo, located in the Plateau, offers up some of the most fresh and tasty rolls of sushi in the city. The kicker? It's all vegan. So, vegan friends, you can enjoy some awesome sushi rolls (some of which feature faux shrimp and truffle oil, to name a few), problem-free. Amazing? Amazing.


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5. Cafe Venosa

4433 Rue Saint-Denis

Truth time, friends. Cafe Venosa is amazing. This Montreal cat cafe serves up some fresh and delicious vegan grub, like their "Caprese" wrap, featuring tofu and pesto. Not only that, but - being a cat cafe - Venosa also has a bunch of adorable kitties roaming through the cafe for you to admire/play with, all wrapped up in a super friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Winning on all levels? You know it.


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6. ChuChai

4088 Rue Saint-Denis

Okay, so ChuChai is technically vegetarian with an emphasis on being vegan-friendly, but their delicious, meat-free, Thai-inspired menu deserves all of the shoutouts. Seriously, ChuChai is amazing: They take all your favourite Thai dishes, replace the meat with vegetarian and/or vegan-friendly options, and voila. They create your new fave.


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7. Résonance Café

5175 Av du Parc

Straight up, this spot is amazing. Offering an unparalleled atmosphere, Resonance Cafe doubles as a concert venue and pretty much the most chill cafe you'll ever step into - and their food offerings? So tasty, so fresh, and all vegan. A sample of their amazing menu? A yogurt parfait featuring coconut-based yogurt; their "Avocado Roll Bowl", with nori, ginger, and other awesome things; and a BLT sandwich featuring tempeh bacon. I know, friends. I know.


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8. Comptoir Urbain

5003 Avenue Earnscliffe

Known mostly for selling all-natural products, it would be a crime if nobody mentioned Comptoir Urbain's delicious vegan food. This spot seriously wins all the points for blessing us with their delicious menu of vegan options in addition to the all-natural, sometimes very hard to find, products that they carry at their store.


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9. Sophie Sucree

167 Ave des Pins E

Vegan? Fan of sweets? Not a problem, friends. Sophie Sucree features vegan ice cream, cookies, cakes... pretty much anything your heart could possibly desire. The pastries here are seriously delicious (the chocolate/raspberry cupcake is forever my fave) - good enough to convert any non-vegan, instantly, on the spot. Yes, that's the pure magic of the food at Sophie Sucree.


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10. Antidote Comptoir Vegane

3459 Rue Ontario E

OMG, yum. Not only is Antidote a seriously legit juice bar, but they also make some mind-blowing vegan food. On the menu? Vegan grilled cheese, vegan bagel and lox, vegan BLT sandwiches - vegan everything, basically, and with food so fresh and delicious, how could you say no?


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