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Best Montreal Vegan Sushi Shops

Enjoy your fave, guilt-free.
Best Montreal Vegan Sushi Shops

Guys, sushi is bae. It's no secret to anyone at this point that sushi is my legit obsession - it's awesome. And if you're a vegan, or vegetarian, who happens to miss that sushi life, have I got some good news for you.

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Montreal is full of awesome spots to grab some tasty sushi, that also happens to be totally vegan and/or vegetarian. So, friends, prepare to enjoy.

1. Sushi Momo

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4669 Rue Saint-Denis

Honestly, what's there not to love about this Plateau restaurant? Quite possibly the OG of vegan sushi, Momo slays the game with vegan sushi rolls featuring (fake) shrimp tempura, red peppers that resemble tuna, jackfruit, and creative, tasty rolls. Vegan sushi lovers, you absolutely need to get yourselves here - and ASAP.


2. Yuan Vegetarian

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2115 Rue Saint-Denis

While Yuan is a vegetarian restaurant, that doesn't mean they don't cater to the vegan friends. A good chunk of their menu isn't just vegetarian, but vegan, as well, and although it's always better if you clarify what vegan delights you can have with your waiter, you can pretty much bank on the fact that no matter what you get, you're in for one seriously tasty dish.


3. Aux Vivres

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4631 Boul St-Laurent

Synonymous with "great vegan food" in Montreal, Aux Vivres also makes some incredibky tasty vegan maki rolls. You can get their maki rolls - featuring tasty veggies, brown rice, and a wholt lot of awesome - in the takeout part of their restaurant.


6. Crudessence

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105 Rue Rachel O | Multiple locations

This fresh and tasty restaurant focuses on raw vegan food, so naturally, you know they'd be champs at making vegan sushi. And, trust, if you've ever been to Crudessence, then you know for sure their food is above and beyond awesome... But, TBH, their vegan sushi rolls are on a level all their own.


5. Sushi Yu Mi

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5124 A Rue Sherbrooke O

Although not technically a vegetarian sushi restaurant, Sushi Yu Mi just so happens to serve up some of the tastiest vegetarian sushi rolls in the entire city, TBH. Their vegetarian numaki roll, with vermicelli noodles, rice paper, marinated tofu, avacado, and mandarin, for example? A thing of pure beauty, much like the rest of the options on their menu.


6. Sata Sushi

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3349 Rue Ontario E

This spot has an entire vegan sushi menu for you to pick from, featuring asparagus, tofu, and sweet potato sushi options, as well as various vegetarian rolls to boot. No matter what you pick, though, you know you're in for Sata Sushi's signature tasty, fresh rolls.


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