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Best Montreal Vietnamese Restaurants In Ville-Marie

You need to eat here pho real.
Best Montreal Vietnamese Restaurants In Ville-Marie

When you're looking to eat something that'll instantly warm your soul, Vietnamese food is always the way to go. Every dish is flavourful and full of fresh herbs and vegetables. And what's even better is that it's considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world - so you don't even have to feel guilty while eating it! Whether you're slurping down some delicious pho or digging into a spring roll, you're sure to always walk away satisfied.

As it turns out, Montreal is riddled with amazing Vietnamese restaurants all over the city. A great deal of them, however, can be found in the Ville Marie area. So if you're out and about in Ville Marie and find yourself in need of some tasty Vietnamese food, here are the 8 places that you definitely need to try.

1. Pho Saigon Viet-Nam

1053 Saint Laurent

Sat in Chinatown, this hidden gem is one of the best pho spots in town. It's located in a basement and is pretty easy to miss when you're walking by, but man is their food ever tasty. $10 here will get you a huge bowl of pho with a broth that is crazy flavourful, and their spring rolls are really good too if you're looking for a side dish. When it comes to choosing your pho there really is no wrong way to go here.


2. Pho Bac 97

1016 Saint Laurent

This no-frills Vietnamese eatery is always crazy busy, and for good reason - their food is addictingly amazing. The portions here are hearty, to say the least, and their spring rolls with peanut sauce are a definite must. The BBQ pork and noodle bowl is always a good way to go if you're looking for something filling. Oh, and the prices here are also really great - it's the perfect spot to eat some amazing food on the cheap.


Photo Cred - Margeaux S.

3. Restaurant My Canh

1086 Saint Laurent

If you want authentic Vietnamese food and great service, Restaurant My Canh is the place to go. Their spring rolls are generously stuffed, and the peanut sauce is a perfect consistency. At lunchtime you can get a combo for $10 that will get you a delicious soup and chicken vermicelli dish. Their pho is always loaded with tons of noodles and tender meat. You also get unlimited jasmine tea while you eat, which is always a nice touch.


4. Le Red Tiger

1201 Maisonneuve E

The new kid on the block, Le Red Tiger, just opened up shop a few months ago and is already making a name for themself. They're much more "restaurant" looking than most other Vietnamese places in Montreal (which tend to go with the bare basics of decoration) but the flavours of their food are amazing and authentic. At Le Red Tiger they're serving up street-style Vietnamese food, which is an awesome alternative to the traditional dishes you find most places. If you're stuck on what to get, the salty Vietnamese pancakes are always worth a try, as are their skewers.


5. Le Viet Sandwich

292 Sainte Catherine O.

If you want to get some delicious Vietnamese food but are strapped for time, Le Viet Sandwich is the way to go. It's an on-the-go Vietnamese sandwich and snack shop that makes a mean bahn mi. Their bread is amazing and you'll get your sandwich quickly and for cheap. It's setup almost like a Subway, but for bahn mi, so you can customize your sandwich exactly to your taste. They also have other dishes, like pho, which are also amazing and definitely worth a try.


6. Omai Pret-A-Manger

482 Sainte Catherine O

Another great place to get your Vietnamese fix on the go! Omar Pret-A-Manger is known for their banh mi (you have to try the bbq pork one) and delicious tom yum soup. It is a little pricier, but the food is totally worth it. They also have a variety of little to-go snacks that are always good to try.


7. Cafe Saigon

1280 Saint Andre

This Vietnamese resto is a BYOB spot with awesome service - the owner is super friendly and knows all of his regular customers. The restaurant itself may look simple but they food they make is always of the highest quality. The chicken stir fry in peanut sauce is truly to die for, and the bahn mi is excellent if you're looking for a hearty sandwich. The food isn't exactly cheap, but it's most definitely worth every cent.


Photo Cred - Charles N

8. Pho Maisonneuve

948 Maisonneuve E

This restaurant may not be fancy, and is kind of tucked away, but it is most definitely worth seeking out. The pho here is the bomb, and it's a great price for what you get. Service is always speedy, so don't worry if you don't have a lot of time. On Fridays they have bun bo hue available and its delicious spicy broth alone is worth a special trip. They also have a very cool chao tom, which is grilled ground shrimp on a sugarcane, which you can then eat afterwards. You'll definitely be in food coma heaven after a trip here!


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