Best Montreal YouTubers

Montreal boasts a slew of legendary YouTubers.
Best Montreal YouTubers

Photo cred - Thierry Gauvin

YouTube is a wild and mysterious place. From dogs driving cars, to muscled-out dudes eating incredibly disgusting things, to six year old boys singing better than Frank Sinatra, we’ve seen it all. Every day, some lonely guy with a camera becomes the next viral hit that we just can’t stop clamoring about. Montreal has been making big moves on the YouTube scene, so it’s time to take a proper look at some of the best YouTubers out of Montreal.

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Incredible in-depth interviews with some of the most talented and iconic rappers from around the world. Features include RZA, Kendrick Lamar, Method Man, Tech N9ne and many others. Montreality interviews are known to be very up-close and personal, giving you a unique perspective into the lives of some of your favourite rappers.


EpicMealTime had the entire YouTube world in awe back in 2010, when they wrapped their first calorie monstrosity in bacon. They have since relocated to California, but it all began in a kitchen somewhere in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux. The Bearded beast Harley Morenstein, also known as the sauce boss, and his team are still going strong and have been cooking up a storm with guests like the Trailer Park Boys, Deadmau5 and Jamie Oliver. If you’re into excessive food-porn and the art of guzzling Jack Daniels, then EpicMealTime is for you.

Jon Lajoie

Comedian, actor, rapper, singer, musician and internet sensation. Since starting out as one of the most beloved and hilarious viral YouTubers back in 2007, Jon Lajoie has grown to celebrity status, touring around the world and staring in hit comedy series The League. His YouTube videos are no longer popping up as frequently but we can’t forget the man who rose to fame by saying “show me your genitals.” He’s actually born and raised in the South Shore and many of his YouTube videos have become instant classics.

Boots & Scoops (Mondays in the Bishi)

Rappers Boots and Scoops cruise around every monday in their Mitsubishi fooling around and throwing down some killer verses over a dope beat. They usually feature a guest who chills in the backseat and bobs his head to the beat, last week’s being MTL Blog’s very own Anchorman MTL. They tend to crack a few jokes throughout the ride and their rapping is pretty top notch, making for a really fun series of videos.

Canadiens De Montreal

What Montrealer doesn’t love watching their beloved habs doing some hilarious shit? You’d think their YouTube channel would be all sports and training videos but they also showcase the fun side of the Montreal Canadiens. Some of our favourites include The Duel, which pairs up two players who face off in some sort of game like ping pong, or Tattoos and Tailgates where Montreal celebrity chef Chuck Hughes cooks for a Canadiens player.

Park Avenue Tonight

If late night is your thing, you should check out Park Avenue Tonight, a low-key Montreal version of the famed late night interview format where Montrealer Dimitrios Koussioulas, sits down with some of the Mile-End’s most coveted personalities. Whiskey drinking and chain-smoking, he asks them a little bit about Montreal life and a whole lot about nothing at all. Check out some of his hilariously entertaining episodes where the witty and charismatic Koussioulas interviews Joe Beef chef David McMillan and Montreal artist Kate Puxley among many others.

Moving Mind Studios

Sort of a hidden gem within Montreal YouTubers, these three fellas have been making sketch comedy videos that are hilarious and creative. They bring a comical approach to classic every-day situations like getting ready to go out or job interviews. During the “Shit people say” craze, they put out their own version called “Shit guys don’t say out loud” and it's certainly one of the best and most truthful ones out there.


He may not actually post on a YouTube account, but this bearded gentleman has some of the most hilarious videos we’ve seen in the past year. In short tightly-edited clips of two to three minutes, he gives his skewed and very funny take on everything from drugs to food and pop culture. And with a beard like his, you can’t NOT be awesome.


Controversial, immersive and outwardly cool, VICE has been bringing you the craziest underground news stories from around the globe for over 20 years. They now operate on an international scale covering everything from news, to music, fashion, food, and also run a record label, magazine and an HBO television show, but few people know that VICE was actually founded in Montreal back in 1994. If you keep up with VICE’s frequent outflow of videos then you are surely up to speed with how outwardly awesome and iconic many of their stories are.

The Wharehouse Films

Videos that capture the essence of some of the best late-night Montreal raves and parties. We all know Montreal is one of the best cities for partying and Wharehouse Films brings you right to the center of it. If you had an unfortunate liver contusion and couldn’t make it out to the most recent banger at Cabaret Underworld, don’t fret, Wharehouse Films will have you covered with one of their amazing recap videos. It may not be the same thing as being there, we know, but with their supreme editing quality, it’s just about as close as it gets.


If you've ever seen TB1 live, then you'll know his shows are not to be missed. Spitting real "club bangers" this Montreal rapper's energetic personality has the power to get a full club up on their feet and dancing. He's toured around the world and gotten recognition from top DJ's for his big-man steez and highly danceable tunes. If you're unfamiliar with TB1, check out his YouTube channel below where he posts hilarious music videos to this songs. These are sure to get you moving and get you excited for his upcoming show at Rep Your Flag Fest, March 20 at New City Gas.

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