Best & Most Beautiful Routes In Montreal To Hatch Your 10km Eggs While Playing Pokémon GO

You have a long way to walk might as well make it fun.
Best & Most Beautiful Routes In Montreal To Hatch Your 10km Eggs While Playing Pokémon GO

Montreal; no other city in the world can literally exemplify the Sinnoh region’s landscape: centralized lovely mountain surrounded by surprise snowy tundras and blazing heatwaves. Instead of driving around under 20km/hour impatiently waiting your ‘mons to hatch, take advantage of the summer heat & check out these scenic spots below to make the most out of your Pokémon GO journey (as well as snag some raries & pokéstops along the way)!

1. Lachine Canal

Nearby Pokémon Sightings: Snorlax, Pikachu, Gastly

Located southwest of the Orange line is the lovely Lachine Canal; a path extending along the river between Lachine & Lasalle, there’s no doubt you can hatch at least 3 5km eggs. With only one incubator. Lots of pokéstops and raries along the way, you’ll definitely encounter several dozen other players & teammates!

2. Île Sainte-Hélène

Nearby Pokémon Sightings: Seaking, Nidorino, Butterfree

There’s a reason St-Hélène hosts so many marathons; its beautiful scenery combined with decent distance creates the perfect blend for victory and satisfaction. Celebrate that new Lapras with stunning fireworks, set every Saturday in the Montreal’s summer schedule.

3. Mount Royal

Nearby Pokémon Sightings: Dragonite, Magikarp, Abra

What better way to train your body while training your 'mons than with a long, winding trek up one of Montreal's most iconic locations? Not only can you hatch a dozen or so 2km eggs up the trails, but the summit also happens to be one of the best known locations to farm Magikarps (it takes 101 Magikarps to evolve into one Gyarados. If this trek isn't in your daily routine, you need to rethink your farming spots.)

4. Park Maisonneuve

Nearby Pokémon  Sightings: Clefairy, Onix, Diglette

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Here's a game plan: start your walk from the corner of the park away from the Olympic Stadium, throw up an incense, a lucky egg and start moving! By the time you pass through the grassy fields and towering willow trees, you'd have hatched that pesky 10km egg, as well as reached the pokéstop haven that is the Olympic Stadium.

5. Old Port

Nearby Pokémon Sightings: Aerodactyl, Pinsir, Charmander

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The perfect blend of scenic and commercial, the Old Port caters to your Pokémon GO needs by stretching out for yards and yards of uninterrupted walking. No stop signs or red lights while you're walking along the water, enjoy the view and an occasional dip into a local cafe to re-energize before continuing on. That level grind isn't going to do itself!

6. Park Angrignon

Nearby Pokémon  Sightings: Vulpix, Haunter, Venonat

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Finding yourself in the lower west end of Montreal in dire need of clearing up all those 2km eggs without wanting to walk on the cold, hard cement? Don't panic, Trainer! Angrignon Park has plenty of winding fields and changing sceneries, the calm ponds a perfect balance for firery passion burning within you Valors!

7. Park La Fontaine

Nearby Pokémon Sightings: Polywhirl, Machop, Psyduck

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Right in the heart of the Plateau lies La Fontaine park, and while it may not be the largest path on this list, it's definitely a sight for sore eyes for the downtown Trainer craving some green space. Go join your fellow teammates on a march along the park, and why not grab that gym in the center while you're at it?

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