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11 Places In Montreal To Get The Most Juicy, Delectable, Full-Flavoured Cheeseburgers Ever

Gooey, tender, delicious delights.

Guys, cheeseburgers are life. I know some people aren't into adding a slice of pure heaven onto their hamburgers, but to them I say: why? And also... why?

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For the rest of us, there are tons of awesome restaurants in Montreal that serve delicious cheeseburgers - but a handful truly stand out from the bunch. 

Chez Tousignant

Oh. My. God. TBH, the cheeseburgers here are mindblasting. The meat is super juicy, the cheese is goeey, and the special Chez Tousignant sauce is above and beyond delicious. Wrap it all up with a homemade potato bun, and you've got the recipe for one delicious cheeseburger.

NextDoor Pub & Grill 

Baseline, the burgers here are delicious. Super flavourful and juicy, they tend to be topped with the absolute tastiest ingredients - like their Jameson burger, featuring angus beef and Jameson sauce. You can add in whatever you like, including tons of yummy chedder cheese.

La Boulette

This Beaubien spot features tons of different, delicious burgers, made from things like lentils, salmon, chorizo, chicken, and lamb. One of their tastiest creations? Their Beaubien: made with a beef burger, pickles, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese, the simplicity of this burger really makes it shine.


Literally, how much do I love Uniburger? Juicy and flavourful patties are smothered in Uniburger's special sauce, piled high with cheese and toppings, and smothered between two potato buns. Heaven? You know it.

Capitales Burgers

If you're near the Southwest end of Montreal, and you're craving some seriously delicious burgers, look no further than this LaSalle spot. Featuring juicy, fresh, and delicious hamburgers, there's literally nothing like a meal from this spot.


Okay, honestly, let's just take all agree, right here and now, that the burgers at Hachoir are life. No matter what you take at this trendy Plateau spot, you're going to leave happy. But their Double Hachoir burger, with 2 slices of smoked mozzarella, is particularly amazing.

Nouveau Palais

This latenight spot in Montreal's Plateau is pretty much home to some of the best classic dishes you could try in the city. Their cheeseburger in particular is delicious in its simplicity, with the meat in particular truly standing out.


Burger loving friends, prepare to have your mind blown wide open. The cheeseburger at this St. Henri spot is simple, fresh, and honestly, oh-so delicious.

Tablier Rouge

This Ahuntsic restaurant is basically the king at making some really delicious hamburgers. Their simple cheeseburgers are delicious, but for extra good vibes, try their Tablier Sale: a beef patty stuffed with cheese, and topped with sausage, fried onions, hot peppers, and provolone. 

Burger De Ville

Any fan of burgers in Montreal probably already knows all about this delicious hamburger heaven. But I'm here to reaffirm the fact that yes, this spot does have some of the most fresh and tasty cheeseburgers on the Island. 

Jukebox Burgers

Literally, where do I even begin with this West Island favourite? While it's true that Jukebox is one of the best spots for gourmet hamburgers, their simpler burgers are just as delicious; like their Dean Cheese, featuring an all dressed burger with your choice of cheese.
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