12 Gooey, Cheesy, Melty Poutines You Need To Eat ASAP In Montreal

Simply delicious.

Ah, poutine. Is there anything better in this life than a delicious, piping hot bowl of fries, sauce, and cheese curds?

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No, of course not. This winning combination has been around forever, and there's a reason why it's basically everyone's fave. And although Montreal has tons of great spots to enjoy a delicious poutine, a select few really do that simple, classic combination up right.

Lasalle Drive-In

To be totally honest with you guys, the cheese level of the poutine at this Lasalle favourite is off the charts. #Cheesepull life, friends. #Cheesepull life.


What makes the poutine at this Ville-Marie spot to incredible? Legit some of the most flavourful poutine sauce I've ever tried, plus super fresh ingredients. 

Paul Patates

This oldschool Sud-Ouest diner is literally everything good in the world. Other than a super welcoming vibe, you can bet that 100% of the time, you'll be noshing on a cheesy, fresh, piping hot, delicious poutine.

Casse-Croute Normand

This somewhat hidden Verdun diner does classic poutines - and pretty much everything else - so, so right. Prepare for a gooey, cheesy time, friends. A gooey, cheesy time indeed.

Dirty Dogs

Four words, friends: mac and cheese poutine. This spot knows how to do up gooey, straight-up delicious poutines just right, although the crowning jewel in this operation is probably their mac and cheese topped poutine, sprinkled with (of course) chunks of bacon.

Ma Poule Mouillee

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969 Rachel St E

Crispy, tender Portuguese chicken meets tasty chorizo chunks meets a fresh, piping hot, ooey gooey poutine. Nothing can go wrong here, friends. In fact, this dish is literal, pure perfection.

Decarie Hot Dog

953 Decarie Blvd
One of Montreal's most classic institutions, don't let the name of this spot fool you. Although their hot dogs are the stuff of legends, their poutines are even more mindblowing.

Montreal Pool Room

A legit Montreal institution at this point, this century old casse-croute has been serving up poutines and happiness forever. The sauce, cheese, and fries combination from this spot is legit irresistable.


An odlschool diner in St. Henri specializing in pretty much all the best foods, the poutine in this spot is fresh, tasty, and smothered in some of the best, thick poutine sauce around.

Deli Plus

Situated near Montreal's Villeray, this spot does one of the tastiest simple poutines in the whole city. The unbeatable fries, cheese, and sauce combination really comes alive at this spot.

Maamm Bolduc

Offering a handful of seriously delicious poutines, this spot is known for its high quality and super fresh ingredients. Although all their poutines are awesome, their Bourguignonne poutine is a true standout. 

Chez Claudette

With tons and tons of varities of poutines, plus a super central location in Montreal's Plateau, there's legit nothing better than Chez Claudette. Protip: they're open late most nights, so you can satisfy the crave whenever.
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