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12 "Hidden" Rooftop Terrasses You Need To Discover This Summer

Make the most of the summer.

Rooftop Terrasses In The Plateau: 

9. Le Reservoir 

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9 Avenue Duluth E

Reservoir is a classic Plateau bar, home to tons of different kinds of microbrews. They also serve tapas dishes for you to enjoy while you're drinking on their sunny rooftop terrasse. Enjoy a casual and fun experience with your friends here this summer! 

10. Tokyo Bar 

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3709 St Laurent Blvd

Right in the heart of Saint-Laurent, this rooftop terrasse is where you want to be if you're up for a party. They have a club indoors, and the rooftop terrasse is also always lit. Enjoy some drinks with your friends under the twinkly lights! 

11. Complexe Sky 

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1474 St Catherine St E

Okay, so this spot isn't exactly Plateau, it's actually in Montreal's Gay Village but it's pretty close by and definitely deserves a spot on this list. It's one of Montreal's hottest gay bars that has a crazy club, drag shows and a sunny rooftop terrasse! It's one you've got to check out if you haven't yet. 

12. B-Side 

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3616 St Laurent Blvd

This stylish spot is one of Montreal's hottest clubs and they also have a giant rooftop terrasse complete with it's own DJ. Enjoy a fancy cocktail in the sun with your friends here this summer! 

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