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12 Insane "Matcha Desserts" In Montreal You Need To Try If You're A Matcha Addict

You'll love these so matcha!

I can honestly admit I'm matcha addict. I mean, the flavour is just so delicious, am I right? It started with the classic matcha lattes and now it's literally anything and everything with matcha in it. 

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The great this is that restaurants, cafes and dessert bars noticed how popular matcha was getting so they started adding matcha into literally every kind of dessert you can imagine! 

Montreal is full of amazing desserts made with matcha that you probably didn't even know existed here. So if you're a matcha addict like me, you've got to try out these insane desserts ASAP! 

1. Matcha Cheesecake @ Oishii Sushi 

via @mp_in_paris

277 Rue Bernard O

This place is literally a matcha-lovers paradise! You can enjoy a huge plate of yummy sushi and then for dessert get this platter of matcha cheese cake and a huge scoop of green tea ice cream on the side! Doesn't that just sound mouth-watering? 

2. Matcha Layered Cake @ Zoe Dessert

via @tastemontreal

2160 St Mathieu St

This amazing dessert shop serves up some seriously unique treats like their bubble waffle cones packed with creamy ice cream, their bubble teas in light bulbs and now this amazing layered matcha cake!! It looks soooo good, every matcha lover's gotta come here and try this ASAP!

3. Matcha Donuts @ Trou De Beigne 

via @miss_candygun

156 Rue Saint-Zotique E

This donut shop is known for making some of the prettiest donuts you'll probably ever see in your life. All of their donuts are made to look so gorgeous you almost won't want to eat them. Except for their matcha green tea donut, of course! This one is just as delicious as it looks!

4. Matcha Cookies @ Le Cookie Lab

via @lecookielab

79 Rachel St W

This spot serves up some delicious looking cookies and all of their flavours are completely unique! They make awesome ones like dark chocolate and sea salt, classic ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, salty and sweet peanut butter cookies and of  course, their insanely popular matcha, white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies! Definitely a must-try for all matcha lovers.

5. Matcha Swirl Ice Cream @ U Green T

via @tastemontreal

1455 Peel St

The green tea ice cream looks insanely creamy and delicious at this downtown spot! This place sells matcha everything including matcha lemonade, ice cream and more! You won't be disappointed with this awesome matcha treat.

6. Matcha Cake @ Fous Desserts

Via Fous Desserts

809 Laurier Ave E

This dessert shop makes literally everything delicious. They have insane croissants, amazing artisanal chocolates, a case full of unique gelato flavours (including a matcha one), and this crazy matcha cake! It's a matcha green tea cake with hazelnut oil and candied orange peel! Sounds so yum. 

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