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12 Things People From Toronto Will Love About Montreal

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Montreal and Toronto are two of Canada's largest cities but that's where the similarities end. Toronto is known as a business-oriented city, filled with bustling streets kind of like a smaller New York City some might say. 

But Montreal is known to be more similar European cities, filled with cobblestone streets, authentic cuisines from all over the world and a never-ending stream of things to see and do. 

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I wouldn't say one city is better than the other, given that I grew up in Toronto and have now lived in Montreal for 4 years, I honestly love them equally. But there's some things about Montreal that make it totally unique, there's a reason Torontonians come here to visit all the time. 

The nightlife is always exciting, our summers are packed full of activities and of course we're known to have some of the best festivals in the world. So if you're considering visiting Montreal from Toronto this summer, here's some things you definitely shouldn't miss. 

People From Toronto Will Love Montreal's Nightlife 

People From Toronto Will Love Montreal's Summers 

People From Toronto Will Love Montreal's Festivals

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