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13 Insane "Chocolate Desserts" In Montreal You Need To Try If You're A Chocoholic

You'll love these a 'choco'lot!

I recently wrote an article about the most insane matcha desserts in Montreal and everyone loved it because who isn't addicted to matcha right? The same goes for chocolate!

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Literally everyone loves chocolate, because it's just the best thing to have when you're feeling sad or if you just want a treat! Chocolate will be there for you. 

These are some of the most insane chocolate desserts in Montreal that every chocoholic must try ASAP! 

1. Nutella Donut Milkshakes @ Tella's 

via @montreal.food

6589 Rue Beaubien E

All chocolate lovers must go try these insane Nutella milkshakes topped with donut STUFFED with Nutella!! Can you get more chocolate in one dessert? Probably not!

2. Nutella Stuffed Cookies @ Decadent Dough

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Decadent Dough

This home-based business started selling these insane chocolate chip cookies that are literally oozing yummy goodness! They have all kinds like Nutella stuffed, triple chocolate, cookies & cream, Reeses Cup and double chocolate! 

3. Chocolate Churro Cake @ Chichi Cafe

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95 Rue St-Sylvestre

This dessert cafe in Montreal offers the best churros stuffed with either Nutella or Dulce Du Leche. Now they offer entire cake make with churros and chocolate-y goodness that every chocolate lover must try!

4. Chocolate Bombs @ C'Chocolat 

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1255 Bishop St

This is literally a chocolate lovers paradise at this shop, it's clear in the name! But the best thing on the menu is the chocolate bombs! It's made with by placing a chocolate dome over ice cream, waffles and other yummy stuff. Then they pour hot caramel sauce on top and the dome melts right in front of your eyes!

5. S'more Donuts @ Trou de Beigne 

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156 Rue Saint-Zotique E

Trou de Beigne makes unique and gorgeous donuts that are also super delicious! All chocolate lovers should try their s'more donut made with glazed Hershey's chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and topped with a toasted marshmallow! Another great choice is their Blizzard and Cookie Dough donuts.

6. Dark Truffle Ganache Cheesecake @ Divine Chocolatier 

via @divinechocolatier

2158 Crescent St

This cake literally looks like heaven to a chocoholic! It's cheesecake on the inside topped with a creamy dark chocolate ganache that's so rich you'll fall in love immediately.

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