15 Best Montreal Pho Restaurants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

These are 'pho'king good!

Pho is one of the best foods in the whole world. That might be an exaggeration but when the weather's a little chilly, rainy, sunny, or cloudy (yes I just named every kind of weather) it calls for a huge bowl of pho. 

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Pho is perfect at any time of day, at any time of the month, in any season of the year. Seriously, who doesn't love a huge bowl of steaming, salty broth stuffed with noodles, veggies and meat!

It's just the perfect balance of all the best kinds of food all wrapped up into one. Luckily, this city is packed full of amazing Vietnamese pho restaurants to choose from! These are the best in 3 of the busiest hubs in the city. 

Best Pho In Le Plateau 🍜

Best Pho In Outremont 🍜

Best Pho In Downtown Montreal 🍜

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