15 Best Montreal Pho Restaurants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already - Page 4

These are 'pho'king good!

Best Pho In Downtown Montreal: 

1. Restaurant Pho Nguyen 

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1452A St Mathieu St

This is one of the best pho spots in downtown Montreal. The broth is perfectly salty and is balanced with the right amount of noodles and you can get it with beef, chicken, or vegetarian!

2. Pho Bac

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1016 St Laurent Blvd

This bowl is perfectly balanced and hearty leaving you satisfied every time. Get a delicious bowl with shrimps, beef, chicken and more! You won't be disappointed with this perfect bowl.

3. Restaurant My Canh

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1086 St Laurent Blvd

This Chinatown spot is the perfect spot to go when you're really craving a good, hearty bowl of pho! They have a huge menu full of different types of pho, spring rolls, buns and sooo much more good stuff!

4. Pho Saigon VIP

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1850 Saint-Catherine St W

This spot used to be right around my old apartment and me and my roommates used to go here at least once every 2 weeks because it was so delicious. They have different sizes of bowls, so you can choose just a small or a huge large size if you're feeling hungry! The pho is delicious and their menu is super long filled with other delicious dishes.

5. Pho Bang New York 

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1001 St Laurent Blvd

This simple spot serves Vietnamese food up the right way. They know how to make each bowl perfect so that you'll never be disappointed. Their menu includes all kinds of specialty soups, buns and noodle dishes!

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