15 Montreal Terrasses You Need To Go To For Margaritas, Mojitos, And Sangria This Summer

Delicious drinks, beautiful views, and fun vibes!

Ah, summer. I don't know about you guys, but personally, I truly believe there's no better time in Montreal than summertime.

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I'm pretty sure I've said it a thousand times at this point, but I really feel the need to drive the point home. There is no better Montreal than Montreal in the summer! 

Honestly, when the sun comes out and the grass gets green, that's when the city truly comes alive. Not only are the people happier, and not only are the vibes about 100 times more chill, but events go down in the summer in Montreal all the time. We've got music festivals and food festivals; outdoor activities and indoor events; movies filming in the streets; borough celebrations; sidewalk sales; and all in all, a fun time for everyone!

But there are also the smaller things that happen in the city that are just as fun as the events.

Like, for example, taking a walk down Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street, under the colourful Aires Libres installation, or grabbing a drink at Montreal's outdoor beer garden. Chilling in one of the city's tons of parks is always a good idea, too, just like taking a bike ride near the Lachine Canal or jogging through Mount-Royal.

But one of my all-time fave summer activities?

Drinking on a terrasse.

In Montreal, we've got tons of awesome spots that serve delicious drinks, and tons of amazing terrasses. A select few combine both features seamlessly, though, meaning you can enjoy your fave summer drink soaking in the good vibes!

Margaritas 🍻

Mojitos 🍹

Sangria 🥂

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