15 Parks That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

Magical green spaces in the city.

Montreal is one of the busiest and bustling cities in all of Canada. There's always a new festival to attend, a cool restaurant that popped up or a terrasse that you need to drink on with your friends. All of these things are what make Montreal such an amazing city to live in. 

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But occassionally the bustling city life gets to be a little overwhelming. And while we all wish we could jet off to an oasis far away, that's not always feasible. What we can do though is find an oasis inside the city of Montreal that will make us feel like we're not in the city anymore. 

That's where Montreal's amazing parks come in. Montreal is home to over 100 parks, which is kind of amazing. You have tons of options for when you want to escape into a green oasis. This list has 15 of the best parks in Montreal, that will make you fall in love with everything this city has to offer! 

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