15 Restaurants In Montreal You Can Eat At For $5, $10, And $20

Tacos, bao buns, burgers, and more!

Guys, if anyone understands the struggle of eating out on a budget, it's me. Trust.

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I go out to eat very often, and honestly, I'd be seriously broke AF if I didn't figure out any tricks to save some money when it comes to dining in a Montreal restaurant. Alright, I'll be honest... I don't have any super sly tricks.

It's all good old fashioned research and trial and error, guys. And because I'm a really good person (don't worry, that was a joke, I know I'm not), I've decided to share all these awesome spots with my favourite people. AKA, you guys. 

But I'm even going to take it one step further for y'all. Instead of just throwing a bunch of inexpensive spots at you guys, I've decided to separate this by price point. Because, trust, I've been at the stage where you're pretty down for some food... but you've only got, like, $5 to spare.

No judgements on that though, friends. Some people will spend that $5 on shots; some will save it; and others will blow it on the best falafel they've ever tried in their lives. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever makes you happy. You do TF out of your life.

So, sit back, relax, and let me tell you guys some pretty awesome places to eat out, depending on how much money you're down to spend on a meal.

Eat A Meal For $5

Eat A Meal For $10

Eat A Meal For $20

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