16 Montreal Brunch Spots That Serve Insane "Avocado Toast"

The only breakfast trend that matters.

Toast has made a serious comeback recently. It was a completely underrated food item until chefs realized all the great things that they could do with a plain piece of toast. 

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All you need is that base slice and you can pile on the toppings to make each one unique and delicious. The best kind of toast you ask? Yup, it's avocado toast! 

There's just something about smashing a full avocado onto a slice of toast that makes it more than just toast, it makes it something truly delicious! The trend of avocado toast has really taken off and tons of Montreal cafes and brunch spots are taking this dish and making it totally unique. 

1. Cafe Pista

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500 Rue Beaubien E

This cozy cafe is the perfect place to come for a casual brunch this weekend. Not only is the decor literally gorgeous, they have tons of great toast options! You can get an amazing avocado toast topped with a poached egg, strawberries and greens! It looks totally delicious. 

2. Le Butterblume 

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5836 St Laurent Blvd

This adorable flower shop/brunch spots is one of the best places in the city for fancy toast. You can get all kinds of amazing toasts that will almost be too beautiful to eat. But of course, they taste way better than they look!

3. La Bete A Pain 

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114 Rue Fleury O

This is the spot to go if you're obsessed with avocado toast! They make a mean one topped with tomatoes, cucumber, and edible flowers! 

4. Esquina Bar A Cafe

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4526 Avenue Papineau

You really can't go wrong at this cute coffee bar in the Mile End. They serve tons of unique foods like their vegan pop tart, massive chocolate chip muffins, and their delicious looking avocado toast... YUM!

5. Cafe Melbourne

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4615 St Laurent Blvd

This Australian cafe in the heart of the plateau has been really pushing the envelope with their creative ideas. They make insane pink lattes, lucky charm lattes, and ridiculous brunch foods! But their classic is the smashed avocado toast that will always be amazing. 

6. La Finca 

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1067 Rue de Bleury

This cafe is honestly way too beautiful not to admire. They have a cozy terrasse in the back with hammocks and vines, a staircase inside the cafe with cute pillows and massive windows giving tons of natural light! Not to mention that their toast is so delicious. 

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