16 Restaurants In Montreal That You Must Visit At Least Twice This Summer

Summer, sangria, and food for days!

Not only is Montreal home to hundreds of restaurants, but some are so AMAZING that you end up waiting... in line... for a long time... BUT! The best ones, in particular the ones one this list, are 514% worth the wait especially in the summer!  When it comes to something we love, like food, we would do just about anything especially on a hot summer day.

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So, before you check out all your cash this week, be sure to check out these restaurants in Montreal if you happen to have some, or a lot, of extra time on your hands! There is definitely something on this list for everyone so start planning and clearing your schedule for some well deserved MTL food!

16. Satay Brothers

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721 Notre Dame Ouest

What's' the wait for? Their amazing bao buns!


15. Bevo

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410 St Vincent St

What's' the wait for? Their wood oven made pizza!


14. Jukebox

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11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

What's the wait for? Their  wide array of delicious desserts, including parfaits, sundaes, and the awesome - and awesomely huge - "Kitchen Sink" dessert. 


13. Restaurant Kazu

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1862 Sainte-Catherine

What's the wait for? The Don Budo, the gyoza, the salmon bowl, the teriyaki burger....


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