17 Fabulous And Cheap Nail Salons In Montreal To Go To With Your BFF

You will feel polished AF!

We all know the struggle of wanting to have a BFF date where you treat yourselves to a nice mani or pedi. We usually end up spending an arm and a leg... so half the work is already gone. But have no fear, Emily is here with all the secret nail salons that won't break your banks this year!

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The salons below have fabulous prices and even more amazing technique to give you the outstanding nails! This is 514% the perfect BFF date and you know it.  So, here are just a few cheap nail salons, and if you think I have missed any please comment your secret cheap spot ASAP!

1. Feel Fabulous At Ongles Pro

2003 Rue Saint-Denis

Price: mani/pedi $40

2. Feel Fabulous At O Coiffure & Spa

1307 West St. Catherine Street

Price: Timeless Manicure $25 & French $30


3. Feel Fabulous At Spa Lotus Du Jour

1233, rue St-Hubert

Price: mani-pedi $35 & mani $15


4. Feel Fabulous At Pedispa

Carrefour Angrignon

Price: Manicure $11

5. Feel Fabulous At Clin d’Oeil

380 Guy

Price: manicure $20, and a french or shellac manicure for $25


6. Feel Fabulous At Les Ongles Diva

Centre Eaton de Montréal

Price: Manicure $15


7. Feel Fabulous At J Lounge

1057 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Price: Manicure $19 with Vinylux $25 with shellac $28


8. Feel Fabulous At Spa Dahlia

625 Sainte-Catherine O &  801 Transcanada Highway Pointe-Claire

Price: Manicure $22


9. Feel Fabulous At Runway Beauty Bar

Complexe Les Ailes

Price: Manicure $20 & Mani-Pedi on the go $35 & Mani on the go $17


10. Feel Fabulous At Anna Nails

4H4, 5884 Park Ave


Manucure Francais$5.00
Replissage Acrylique$16.00
Pose D'Ongle Acrylique$25.00
Replissage UV Gel$25.00
Replissage SNS$25.00
Pose D'Ongle UV Gel$35.00
Pose D'Ongle SNS$35.00
Liquid Gel$40.00


11. Feel Fabulous At BLOME

46 MCGILL, Montreal

Price: Manicure $20-$25


12. Feel Fabulous At Salon Vong

4541 Boul St-Laurent

Price: Vegan manicure $20, Deluxe Manicure $30


13. Feel Fabulous At Rouge Nail Bar

2070 Rue Crescent

Price: Classic Manicure $25


14. Feel Fabulous At Candy Nail Bar

6218 Rue St-Hubert

Price: "Le Plateau" mani $25


15. Feel Fabulous At JC Esthetics

454 Boulevard Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield

Price: Manicure $20


16. Feel Fabulous At Salon Deauville

4048 Rue Jean-Talon O

Price: Manicure $22 with shellac $30


17. Feel Fabulous At Infinite Beauty Nails

Price: Classic mani $20, Acrylic $30


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