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You'll love these places a brunch!

Best Brunch In Old Montreal: 

1. Olive & Gourmando 

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351 Saint-Paul St W

This adorable little cafe/bakery is what everyone needs in their life this weekend. They have a counter FULL of amazing pastries to take to go with a coffee, sandwiches, salads, chi bowls, fruit parfaits and french toast to stay! 

2. Le Cartet 

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106 McGill St

This cute French bistro is the perfect brunch spot if you're looking for some delicious food and good atmosphere. They have a huge indoor loft space and an outdoor terrace for the summer. They serve amazing eggs benedict, avocado toast, sweet and savoury crepes, and yogurt parfaits!

3. Maison Christian Faure 

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355 Place Royale

This is one of my favourite places to go for croissants in the city because they're literally so delicious. The almond/chocolate croissant is my absolute favourite, but be careful because these things can be addictive! Christian Faure is a baker that came straight from France to share his amazing creations with us Montrealers and we're all so thankful for it. 

They have an assortment of mouth-watering pastries to choose from, and although it's not a traditional brunch spot, it sure will satisfy your sweet tooth!

4. Hambar 

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355 McGill St

This spot is sure to make you throw whatever diet you committed to out the window. They serve their insanely thick French Toast topped with ice cream, walnuts and pears (!!), eggs benedict with porchetta, and bagels and lox! 

5. Crew Collective & Cafe 

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360 St Jacques St

This spot is so beautiful it doesn't even seem real. It's a cafe built into an old bank and the interior is seriously stunning! If you have yet to visit this hidden gem in the city, here's another reason that you should besides how beautiful it is, they serve amazing breakfast food! 

You can get a sausage breakfast sandwich, bagels and lox, avocado toast, and a huge selection of amazing pastries to go with a perfect cup of coffee.

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