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20 Best Summer Terrasses You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Enjoy them while the sun is still shining.

Well guys, I'm sorry to say that summer is almost officially over. We're over a week into August so that means there's only 3 weeks left until the warm weather disappears. Not that we've really had that much of it to begin with. 

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This summer was kind of a let down, weather-wise. It was raining a TON and we barely saw any sun for basically the entire first half of it. But now the weather is actually looking up and we've got a lot of sun coming our way! 

You know what that means right? Yup, summer terrasses! Montreal is full of them. You can basically walk down any street in this city and find a gorgeous terrasse to sit and enjoy some good food and drinks. But there's some that top all others, and these are them.

Best Terrasses In Le Plateau 🥂 🌈

Best Terrasses In Old Montreal 🍻 🌸

Best Terrasses In Downtown Montreal 🍾 ✨

Best Terrasses In Saint Henri 🍹💥

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