Alright, fellow Canadians, truth time: How many of you have gone on a cross-Canada roadtrip? Show of hands. Anyone? It's okay if you haven't; not many among us have truly explored this beautiful country of ours, which is kind of sad because Canada is legit beautiful.

Of course, with all that beauty comes beautiful places to eat. Whether you're down to dine somewhere different, or you're straight up into sports, skiing, hiking, history, or lowkey chilling by a lake, Canada's got beautiful, awesome restaurants for you to choose from. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't know where to start your search? Don't worry, friends. I've got your backs. Read on for 20 Incredible Restaurants From Around Canada That You’ll Want To Eat At.

1. Lift Bar And Grill, 333 Menchions Mews, Vancouver, BC

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2. Lake Agnes Tea House, Lake Louise, Alberta

3. Emerald Lake Lodge, 1 Emerald Lake Drive, Field, BC

4. Salty's, 1877 Upper Water St, Halifax, NS

5. Arriba Restaurant, 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON

6. Old Country Market, 2326 Alberni Highway, Coombs, BC

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7. Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe, 3622 Brackley Point Road, Brackley Beach, PEI

8. Eigensinn Farm, 449357 10th Concession, Toronto, ON

9. Eagle's Eye Restaurant, 1500 Kicking Horse Dr, Golden, BC

10. Lighthouse Picnics, Ferryland, NL

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11. Carolyn Beach Inn & Restaurant, 1 Lakeside Drive, Thessalon, ON

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12. Muvbox, Place du Génie, Montreal, QC

13. Lobster Kettle, 41 Strathcona Street, Louisbourg, NS

14. Da Emma, 777 Rue de la Commune O, Montreal, QC

15. Dinner In The Sky, Various places

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16. Lightkeeper's Seafood Restaurant & Great Viking Feast, Fishing Point Rd, St. Anthony, NL

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17. Elk & Oarsman Pub, 119 Banff Ave, Banff, AB

18. Restaurant Le Saint-Amour, 48 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Quebec City, QC

19. Tree House Cafe, 106 Purvis Lane, Salt Spring Island, BC

20. Murphy's The Cable Wharf, 1751 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS

BONUS: Hôtel de Glace, 9530 Rue de la Faune, Quebec City, QC

Because it's not technically a restaurant, but it's pretty still incredible. Plus, their bar does serve drinks. So... same difference?

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