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20 Spots In Montreal You Gotta Eat At If You Haven’t Already

These are must-visits.

Montreal is home to many culinary institutions. This word has recently been abused by the blogosphere, so let's call them landmarks instead. Like an old but familiar lover, these are iconic restaurants we find ourselves constantly crawling back to, time and time again. Some have even been around for almost a century!  No joke.

But when navigating the food scene in Montreal it's important to strike a careful balance between old and new.  In other words, don't only run towards the gimmicky Instagram-ready spots that are opening left and right. The packaging might be pretty, but you can't always be sure that the inside lines up with the outside. Nope. However, if you only hit up your tried and true comfort spots, like most things in life - it would get a little stale over time.

In the spirit teetering between old with the new, here is a well-balanced list of old and new "must-try" spots to eat in Montreal.





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