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32 Montreal Dogs That Are Killing It On Instagram

Dog-lovers only.

There are two types of people in this world, those who absolutely love dogs and those who - wait, everyone LOVES dogs. It's a natural law. Why else would they be called "man's best friend"?

That said, a steady rotation of dog posts is vital to having a well-rounded Instagram feed. Dog accounts are more popular than ever, so now is the time to start hitting 'follow' on the cutest pups in town.

We'eve sifted through all the dog hashtags of Montreal and found some of the cutest furry friends in town to follow. So - if you have dog fever or your just an animal-lover, read on for some of the best of man's best friend.

32. Sunday // @sunday_the_bully

@sunday_the_bullyembedded via

Breed: English Bulldog

Why you should follow: Sunday will bring a lot of smiles to your daily commute. Nothing like the grumpy smile of a bulldog to brighten up your day.

31. Guimauve // @vanessa_goulet

@vanessa_gouletembedded via

Breed: Wheaten Terrier

Why you should follow: Marshmellow the wheaten terrier loves playing in the snow. His rock star hair will add a little sunshine to your feed too.

30. Renji // @orenji_shiba

@orenji_shibaembedded via

Breed: Shiba Inu

Why you should follow: Shiba Inus are one of the most charming looking dogs out there. Always keen, alert, and ready to act.

29. Richard The Lionheart // @leotheroyaldog

@leotheroyaldogembedded via

Breed: King Charles

Why you should follow: King Charles are some of the cutest dogs out there. With their big bug eyes and tiny snout, they just ooze the kinda cuteness that dog dreams are made of.

28. June Win Chester's // @junewinchesters

@junewinchestersembedded via

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Why you should follow: Bold, outgoing, and friendly, Corgis are so hot rn. Maybe it's because they look like little loaves of bread on tiny legs, or just because they are sweet and loyal dogs. Follow this MTL Corgi now!

27. Bomber // @bomberlevine

@bomberlevineembedded via

Breed: Bulldog

Why you should follow: Tough on the soft on the inside, bulldogs are pure cuties. Follow this lovely bulldog named bomber today!

26. Cocoa Channel // @cocoachannelthepoodle

@cocoa_channelthepoodleembedded via

Breed: Red mini poodle

Why you should follow: This red-haired beauty is just a puppy and is just in the infancy of her IG modern career. We have high hopes for Cocoas Channel, follow her today!

25. Bubbles // @iggybubbles

@iggybubblesembedded via

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Why you should follow:  Italian Greyhounds are truly majestic dogs and Bubbles is one dashing young lad.

24. Mushu // @mushu_cavapoo

@mushu_the_cavapooembedded via

Breed: Cavapoo

Why you should follow: This is a cross breed between a Poodle and Cavalier King. Mushu is just a puppy and has a coy smile and fluffy coat that makes you wish you could pet him for hours.

23. Bailey // @baileychocolatelabrador

@baileychocolatelabradorembedded via

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Why you should follow: Labs are the dogs of dogs. True good boys with an outgoing and even temperament, they are the perfect family dog.

22. Elvis // @elvis_le_doodle

@elvis_le_doodleembedded via

Breed: Golden Doodle

Why you should follow: This curly-haired cutie is a baby Golden Doodle - a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Watch this playful and intelligent dog grow before your very eyes.

21. Bella // @bella.the.boxer @bella.the.boxxerembedded via

Breed: Standard Boxer

Why you should follow: Boxers are the perfect mix of tough and sweet. With a calm yet energetic temperament, they make great companion dogs. Follow this  MTL beauty named Bella today!

20. Echo // @echothekleekai

@echothekleekaiembedded via

Breed: Alaskan Kleekai

Why you should follow: This breed of dog was recently developed and made to resemble an Alaskan Husky. This MTL cutie is just a little playful pup and is already looking like he's shaping up to be a really good boy.

19. Jackie // @jackie_the_doggiee

@jackie_the_doggieeembedded via

Breed: Pug Pinscher

Why you should follow: This lovely little lady is a mix breed puppy that is about to blow up on IG. Follow her playful adventures and remember I told you first.

18. Floki // @floki.bambi

@floki.bambiembedded via

Breed: Chihuahua

Why you should follow: Floki doesn't look like your standard Chihuahua. This little furry ball of joy is so adorable, his posts will give you some serious heart eyes.

17. Cohen // @cohen_the_aussie

@cohen_the_aussieembedded via

Breed: Australian Shepperd

Why you should follow: One of the most handsome dog breeds if this dog was a human he'd be a total heartthrob.

16. Bamboo // @bamboothechowchow

@bamboothechowchowembedded via

Breed: Chow Chow

Why you should follow: Even though it might not seem like it, Bamboo is just a wee puppy, just starting his IG fame. Help him get IG-famous and hit the 'follow' button on this mega cute pup.

15. Mocha // @mocha_0022

@mocha_0022embedded via

Breed: French Bulldog

Why you should follow: There is probably nothing in this world that is more adorable than a puppy French Bulldog. Mocha is just a few years olf and still crazy cute.

14. Cooper // @cooper.thegoldendoodle

@cooper.thegoldendoodembedded via

Breed: Golden Doodle

Why you should follow:  This breed must be popular because I'm seeing them everywhere. Cooper is a 3-year-old Golden Doodle that's cute as hell. Follow his daily adventures chasing sticks and eating snow.

13. Wonton & Wasabi // @wonton.wasabi

@wonton.wasabiembedded via

Breed: Boston Terrier + French Bulldog

Why you should follow: Double Trouble. This is a duo dog IG account, so more bang for your 'follow'.

12. Enzo // @enzothedobbie

@enzothedobbieembedded via

Breed: Doberman

Why you should follow: This Montreal Doberman is just a little puppy. He needs lots of support and love from his ever-growing Instagram following.

11. Jacqueline Kennedy // @lilfirstlady

@lilfirstladyembedded via

Breed: King Charles

Why you should follow: Jacqueline Kennedy is only a pup and she's already reaching model status on IG. Follow her adventures eating snow and chasing tennis balls.

10. River // @river_road_husky

@river_road_huskyembedded via

Breed: Siberian Husky

Why you should follow: I get butterflies in my stomach when I look at beautiful wolf-like eyes of this stunning purebred Siberian Husky. River is just a puppy and already on the road to being an IG success.

9. Nova // @cosmicnovamountain

@cosmicnovamountainembedded via

Breed: Alaskan Malamute x German Shepherd x Golden Retriever

Why you should follow:  What a mix; Nova the dog is a truly unique breed. Follow this beautiful pup and his hooman today!

8. Finnegan // @finnegantheyorkie

@finnegantheyorkieembedded via

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Why you should follow: Finnegan is a furry little ball of joy and just a puppy. His account is a must-follow for all Yorkshire Terrier lovers out there.

7. Miley // @rubmileybelly

@rubmileybellyembedded via

Breed: English Bulldog

Why you should follow: This rescue dog is a mix of German Shepperd and Siberian Husky, two extremely intelligent breeds of dogs. Hit 'follow' on him and his rescue fam.

6. Carter // @carterlefrenchie

@carterlefrenchieembedded via

Breed: French Bulldog

Why you should follow: No wonder French Bulldogs are so popular, just look at that face! Those floppy ears and bulgy eyes. It's too much to handle.

5. Anabelle // @anabelle_the_514_bully

@bella_the_514_bullyembedded via

Breed: Pitbull

Why you should follow: Anabelle the Pitbull's account shows you that Pitbulls can be just as tender and playful as any other breed of dog.

4. Poutchie // @m_poutchie

@mr_poutchieembedded via

Breed: Pomerania

Why you should follow: Pomeranian are little furry balls of energy. This little 9-year-old Pom is a total cutie and worth a follow.

3. Sam // @samthebullmastif

@samthebullmastiffembedded via

Breed: Bullmastif

Why you should follow: This breed of dog may look big and tough, but they are all warm and soft on the inside. Known for their calm and protective temperament, they make great family dogs.

2. Keating // @keatingthewhippet

@keatingthewhippetembedded via

Breed: whippet

Why you should follow: Serious outfit inspo on this MTL dog's IG page. You can follow all of Keaton the Whippets adventures and more.

1. Luffy // @luffythesamyeod

@luffythesamoyedembedded via

Breed: Samoyed

Why you should follow: Luffy looks like a litle white polar bear - or cloud, depending on the angle. Follow this little pup as he grows up into a big strong boy!

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