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40 Apartments You Can Rent For $1000 Or Less In Montreal

Nice apartments for even nicer prices.

Apartment hunting, in short, sucks.  It's time consuming, physically tiring and often results in a lot of leg-work with not much to show for it. That said, shopping for the perfect rental is so difficult because, well - you're looking for your next home - a sanctuary, so it's vital that it be perfectly suited to your needs, lifestyle, and taste.

There are some ways to make apartment hunting a little less painful. There are a couple services and sites out on the internet that aggregate all the current rentals in the city and help filter down your results. We want to help filter it down a little bit more.

Over the next few pages we will be looking at some rentals currently available in different borough of the city. All these rentals are located in clean, well-managed buildings, and available immediately or very soon. If you're looking for a rental or you want to get a feel for the rental market in Montreal, read on!

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