7 Escape Room Games In Montreal You & Your Friends Gotta Try If You Haven't Already

New, unique ways to have fun.

Show of hands: how many of you are tired of hanging out with your friends and doing the same thing, over and over again? 

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I mean, I know I like to spice it up whenever I go out and try something different. Which is exactly where an escape game comes in. Super fun and challenging (in a good way!), escape games are legit the perfect thing to do when you're in the mood for something new and fun.


A super fun escape emporium in the Plateau, the rooms here are ever-changing - and always super creative and fun!


This escape game spot has a bunch of different games to choose from, depending on how many people you are. They're all seriously fun and challenging, though, so be prepared!


Honestly, A/Maze is seriously fun. Every room is unique and challenging, and some can even accomodate as little as two people.

Find The Key

With super fun and challenging rooms, this escape game is one you certainly have to get yourself to - whether it's your first one or your tenth one.


With a whole bunch of super cool scenarios to choose from, and a whole bunch of super fun challenges, this escape game is the perfect opportunity to get to know your friends, fam, coworkers, or even total strangers.


This escape game is situated in the Dix30, Brossard's minblowing shopping complex. It's super fun, too, and a guaranteed way to bond with whoever you're escaping with.


This Laval escape game is super fun. With a whole bunch of super creative rooms that are equal parts challenging and fun, it's pretty much one of the best times you'll ever have.
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