I think it's pretty obvious that in Montreal, we love getting inked. Seriously. Walk down the street, and count how many people you see with tattoos. Actually, scratch that. Count how many people you see without tattoos. It'll probably be a lot easier. But honestly, who can blame us? Tattoos are beautiful works of art. And in Montreal, we have some very, very talented artists. Don't believe me? You should. Montreal is chalk full of amazing tattoo artists, and here are 8 Montreal Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram Right Now.

A photo posted by eilotattoo (@eilotattoo) on

1. @eilotattoo

That face is crazy realistic!

A photo posted by L M A R I E R A (@lmariera) on

2. @lmariera

Proving that you don't need colours for your tattoo to be crisp, vivid, and beautiful.

3. @blodokstattoo

No lie, totally want this for myself.

4. @hilaryjanetattoos

I'm literally in love with the shading on this one.

5. @shamusmahannah

Okay, that owl looks like it's staring right into my soul...

6. @alex_deschenes_mtl


A photo posted by chenjeh (@chenjeh) on

7. @chenjeh

I don't even know where to begin!

8. @marlostattoos

Obsessed with the colour on this one.

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