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9 Poutine Spots In Montreal You Wish You'd Known About Sooner

Hidden spots to grab a bubbling hot, cheesy dish.

Well, friends, at this stage in the game, I think it's pretty safe to say that we all know how awesome poutine is. It's cheesy, crispy, tasty, and straight-up awesome.

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And while Montreal has literal tons of places to enjoy a poutine, some are more well-known than others. Does that make them better? I can't make that decision for you, friend.

But what I can do is point you to a few more obscure poutine spots; spots that you might not know about, but that do up Quebec's national dish so, so, so right. 

Restaurant A.A.

This St. Henri staple is the perfect spot for poutine lovers. Actually, scratch that: it's the perfect spot for food lovers in general. Welcoming and cozy, Restaurant A.A. serves up tons of delicious dishes; but their hot, delicious poutines are on a league of their own.

Deli Plus

This oldschool Montreal diner situated right near the Villeray borough is a true hidden gem. They've got legit anything you could possibly want in a diner, including a super welcoming vibe and some of the best poutines you could ever possibly taste.


A pub situated in Montreal's Cote-Des-Neiges, McCarold's doesn't disappoint in any aspect. They've got a huge selection of beers and liquors, and a super warm atmosphere. Plus, their poutines? Yeah. To die for.


For me, what really makes or breaks a poutine is the sauce. And although the cheese is incredibly fresh and squeaky, and the french fries are golden and delicious, the sauce in Lafayette's regular poutine is the clear star of the show. It's got a taste unlike anything else; trust, you need to try it for yourself.

McGill Pizza

This McGill Ghetto eatery is one seriously awesome spot. Their menu is hugely varied - they've got everything from breakfasts to pizza-ghetti - but trust, you need to get there for their poutines. Served up hot and deliciously cheesy, these poutines are a real treat.

Lasalle Drive-In

Honestly, the first time I went to this Lasalle diner, my life was forever changed. Their poutines are probably the cheesiest I've ever tried, and although that in and of itself is seriously impressive, it's not even the best part of the dish. The best part is for sure the sauce: thick, flavourful, savoury, and with a super unique, delicious taste.

Paul Patates

This Pointe-Saint-Charles is pretty much the place to go if you're hardcore (or softcore) craving poutine. Although all the flavours in this dish come together beautifully, the thing that really stands out has to be their crispy, fluffy, flavourful, thick-cut french fries.


Located in Montreal's RDP borough, this spot is seriously awesome. They've got tons and tons of dishes, all of which are super fresh and tasty, but their poutines are on a comfort food level all on their own.

La Roulotte 

10 Rue Paiement

Alright, guys, I'm going to level with you. This spot is in the West Island, which is maybe a bit of a trek out for some of us.

But whether or not you're in the West Island is irrelevant. You absolutely need to get to this awesome poutine spot and gorge yourself on these above and beyond amazing dishes.

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