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40 Crazy Things That Happened To Montreal In 2017

The best and worst of the year.

This year has been quite an eventful one, globally, regionally and of course - locally.  Many festivals, events, visitors, shows unfolded in Montreal over the course of the past 12-months, it would huge huge challenge to summarize them all.  So we sifted through our archives to bring you the all the best highlights of the past year.

In the spirit of optimism we are focusing on the best for this article, however, there we're some events during the year that could technical be classified as the worst.

Over the next few pages we will travel through the good, the bad, and everything in between to give you a quick snap shot of the great things that happened in our city over the past year. From high-level political and historical events to local festivals, the city had a lot to offer this past year.

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