Best Baklava In Montreal

Crispy, sweet, and straight-up awesome.

Alright, who here has ever tried baklava? If your hand isn't up right now, I feel sorry for you. You're missing out on quite possibly the world's greatest sweet.

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Crispy, drenched in honey, and topped with chopped nuts, baklava is straight-up an adventure for your tastebuds. If you've yet to experience this delight, no worries. I know exactly where you can start.


The best way to describe the crisp, sweet, tasty baklava at this pastry shop? Simply amazing. 


This Greek pastry shop specializes in sweets that are so delicious they just might break your heart; certainly, their above and beyond amazing baklava is no exception.

Trip De Bouffe 

Hey, friend, have you ever eaten real life happiness? If you've never tried the baklava at this Mile End/Plateau spot, then the answer is no. Trust, you need to get here ASAP, and try one. 

Villeray Baklava Cafe

Fresh tea (or coffee) and a fresh, sweet piece of baklava? What on this earth could be better? (Nothing, TBH. Nothing at all). 


Super flaky, super sweet, and super awesome, the baklava at this Middle Eastern pastry shop is pure, unbridled joy. 


Does fresh, homemade baklava sound like the best thing to you, ever? Well, then I've got some great news. This Turkish restaurant in the Mile End will serve up some of the tastiest homemade, fresh baklava you'll ever try.


Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this spot. The baklavas are a little denser than usual, but that just makes them even more amazing; and trust, one bite of their baklava, and you'll know exactly what amazing means.


This Greek pastry shop in Laval is the key to all of your dreams coming true, TBH. With tons and tons of pastries to choose from, their fresh, delicious baklava is one of many seriously delicious treats.
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