Best BBQ Ribs In Montreal

Thick, juicy, and smothered in happiness.

Honestly, there's nothing on this earth quite like a delicious rack of ribs.

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Flavourful, juicy, and barbecued to perfection, this is probably the world's best BBQ dish. Montreal, thankfully, has tons of spots to cop some ribs - but a handful in the city truly stand out.

Le Boucan

Super juicy and super flavorful, the ribs here are among the best in the city, hands down. Although their entire menu is full of delightful dishes, their ribs in particular truly shine.


If you're craving delicious BBQ food, Rub's has totally got you covered. They offer seriously awesome barbecue dishes, including pulled pork and smoked chicken wings; their ribs, though, are in a league of thei

Prime BBQ

This relatively new NDG BBQ haunt is making some serious waves, due to their seriously tasty food. Eating their fall-off-the-bone ribes, smothered in delicious barbecue sauce, is an exeperience you won't soon forget.

Blackstrap BBQ

Situated in Verdun, this spot does BBQ food so, so right. Although everything on the menu is impressive AF, their ribs in particular deserve a whole lot of attention.


Located right on the Main, this spot is terrific if you're craving some seriously legit barbecue food and sides. The portions are huge, the food is amazing, and the ribs will give you some serious heart eyes, friends.

Le Smoking BBQ

This downtown Montreal barbecue restaurant makes pretty much everything on point, from their poutines to their brisket. Although you seriously should try everything, their ribs in particular are a standout.


An Old Montreal BBQ restaurant fronted by an award-winning barbecuesman (I just made up that word, TBH), the food here is. On. Point. Their brisket is delicious, and their beef and pork ribs seriously take the cake. Just make sure to call ahead to confim they have what you want; all the food is made fresh daily, and when they run out of something fror the day, you're out of luck. 

Mile End

A Portuguese restaurant located in (you guessed it) the Mile End, this spot might be known for their delicious Portuguese chicken and grilled seafood... but trust me when I say that you need to try their ribs. They're on a whole other level, friends.
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